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Hi! My name is Jessika Lawrence. I am a LA-trained actor (currently living in Hawaii). My on-going coach is Laura Gardner (20yr+ veteran instructor of Howard Fine Studio in Los Angeles and working actor). I continue to train with her weekly via zoom (

I recently produced, wrote, directed, and played a lead role in my short film called Nuclear (see trailer at We've won one award so far and hoping for more. Having to cast my own film was an eye-opener for me to see just how much an actor nerves can get in the way of a good audition and sometimes how casting depends on compatibility. Having creative control over my film, I made a change in one character from a "husband" to a "wife," which resulted in a mixed-race, lesbian couple instead of a hetero-white couple. I had two great actresses who auditioned for "wife" and no suitable male counterpart for "husband." The dinner party scene was made even stronger because of it! I don't charge, but all tips go toward helping Nuclear recover its expenses.

This experience has helped me to let go of expectations and have fun in the audition room... at the end of the day, everyone wants to work with someone they enjoy. So I try to have fun and fully memorized so I "play" with adjustments the casting directors ask for. I'm often on We Audition to keep in constant play reacting to others, helping others with their work and getting myself off book for my own work.

Feel free to reach out to schedule a time just remember the time difference (we are earlier!):
text me: 424-666-8545
IG: @jessika.lawrence

Discover Jessika Lawrence. Mom, Wife, Bad-Ass Business owner, and much much more... An award-winning actress, writer, director, and producer of the short film Nuclear. Auditioning remotely via Ready to make your project become a visual reality.

My name is Jessika Lawrence. I am a self-employed trained SAG-AFTRA actor with the ability to travel on short notice and be a local hire in the LA area. My on-going coach and mentor is Laura Gardner, formerly of the Howard Fine Studio in Los Angeles.

I am an award-winning short filmmaker as well and understand the importance of flexibility in performance. If you'd like to see my short film for a better understanding of my performance ability, just ask and I'll gladly provide the link and password to the film. The trailer is included as one of the clips available on my showreels. A slate (in the higher end of my voice register) is also available in showreels with my complete contact information.

I can self-tape in < 24 hours or happy to do a live audition on this platform. I am also always happy to meet for a general. Please call or text to request a meeting.

I am ready to bring your vision to life and happily accept requests for adjustments to "play" with the material provided. I look forward to meeting you digitally and appreciate the opportunity to be of service to your project!

LA representation (seeking new). I can be local hire in LA. Please call or text #424-666-8545 to request an audition or general. Unknown emails may go to junk, and I'd hate to miss a chance to work w

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