Sean Hinckle

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I am a SAG actor whose TV credits include: Atlanta (FX/Hulu), Servant (AppleTV), and Kaleidoscope (Netflix). I also work as a reader at Actors Connection, so I am reading for CDs in NYC and LA on a weekly basis. I would love to tackle your next audition with you!

As your reader, I will be focused on two things: 1. Creating a judgment-free, supportive and creative space where you can do your best work. 2. Offering as many takes as we need to get the one you love.

Reach out via Instagram or email to set up reader session either here or on Zoom!

Instagram: @hinckle.sean
Venmo: @Sean-Hinckle

Sean can be seen on TV, Off Broadway or in numerous short films. A native of Kansas, Sean has lived and worked in NYC and Atlanta for the past seven years. Along with acting work, Sean is in constant pursuit of opportunities to learn about his role in the equity, diversity and inclusion conversation. He partners with the NYU School of Law's Office of DIB and Leadership Masters to implement these trainings for corporations around the world.

CPM Talent Management Georgeanna Bruzzese (856) 309-7088

43 Reader Reviews

" Great! "
" Sean is awesome and a pro! "
" Really helpful. Good ideas "
" Great read! Very supportive and helpful "
" Very present, and great scene partner. Thanks! "
" Thank you sean!!! Sorry i had tech issues and had to exit! "
" Sean was absolutely AMAZING! He was so helpful and kind when I would ask for advice! 10/10 recommend working with him! "
" Great, thanks! "
" Great reader. Good suggestions/feedback "
" Amazing soooo professional and just a beautiful soul who wants to see you Win. I highly recommend him "
" Wonderful reader with great notes! Highly recommend. "
" THANK YOU SEAN.!!!!! You are an amazing reader and thanks for your patience. "
" SEAN is a magnificent reader, artist, creative, and has wonderful spot on insights to taking your read to the next level, Insight solicited by me not him!!! "
" Great stuff - thanks! Very enthusiastic and supportive!! Awesome read!!! "
" So fun and easy breezy vibe "
" Amazing reader, super supportive, he gave some great help to a stylized comedy audition I had to prepare and with a British dialect! "
" Sean is an absolute joy to read with and be coached by! He had so many great suggestions and ways to broaden the world within the scene of my co-star audition. Thank you! "
" Great reader! "
" Sean is wonderful! Astute, invested, and quick on his feet as a scene partner. Thank you! "
" He is a great reader! He gave some really good notes. "
" SUPER informative and awesome! Sean gave great feedback and provided creative direction as well. AN ABSOLUTE PLEASURE! "
" Wonderful, patient reader. Thank you! "
" Thanks! "
" Wonderfully present, kind and easy-going "
" BOOK SEAN!! Such amazing energy and so present!! Will definitely book again :) "
" Sean was a great and enthusiastic reader "
" Sean is a wonderful, skilled reader. "
" Thanks Sean! "
" 10/10 "
" Sean was amazing. He made me feel very comfortable. And was very patient with me as I was recovery from Covid while doing this self-tape. Thanks Sean. "
" Such a great reader and awesome presence. Made the whole experience fun and artistically satisfying. Really can't say enough great things. "
" A+++ Amazing reader! "
" Sean is a fantastic reader! Really encouraging. Thank you. "
" SUCH a great reader!! So easy to work with, so talented, really nailed it and made a scary audition fly by. "
" He was wonderful in helping me run lines for an audition! Very kind and very patient! "
" Super helpful with running these comedic sides. Easy to work with. Thank you. "
" Great feedback! "
" Thanks for the notes !! "
" Great reader! Super Positive "
" Professional and kind "
" Thank you! "
" Wonderful! "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
dir. Donald Glover EMT
2021 [added]
Netflix Physical Therapist
2020 [IMDB]
Liz Is Fine
TV Mini-Series
2020 [added]
The Christians
Lean Ensemble Associate Pastor Joshua
2019 [added]
King Lear
International Edmund
2018 [IMDB]
Honeymoon Phase
2017 [IMDB]
Mysteries at the Museum
TV Series
2017 [added]
Beneath the Gavel
59E59 Theaters Stewart
2009 [IMDB]
The Uninfected