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Hello there! I'm Satya, an award winning actor and director, graduated from the University of Birmingham with a Drama degree. I have been working professionally in the UK since 2014, and in Dubai since 2019. I'm in Vancouver now to continue my training in Acting for Film and TV.

How I want to help you:
- Script analysis/scene study
- Cold reading with you
- Working within naturalism (Stanislavski/Chekov/Adler)
- Shakespeare, especially playing subtext
- Support you in grasping the exact look, feel and emotions you're going for
- Giving feedback, helping you find different, unexpected and unique angles
- Being neutral, subtle and underplay my reading so the focus is on YOU!!!

I have experience in:
- Direction
- Coaching for auditions
- Leading workshops, classes and castings
- Body of theatre work spanning classical to contemporary to new writing/immersive (have a gander below!)
- On camera technique

I'd love to help you nail your auditions by giving you someone to play off of, help you break down a scene or even just practice with you to keep you on your game! I’d also be happy to give you some advice about my experience with acting, or any of that good stuff. And don't be worried about rushing it because I have all the time in the world when it comes to helping out my fellow actors and artists -- love doing it and love helping others do it more!

If I'm not online or we get disconnected/can't connect, drop me a line on Instagram/Twitter (@satyabaskaran/@SatyaBaskaran). Otherwise hit the Instant Rehearsal button and let's get you that job!

For more info, please feel free to look through my Actor's Access:

Satya Baskaran is an actor and director who graduated from the University of Birmingham's Drama and Theatre Arts Course. Since 2014, he has worked in the UK and Dubai in independent, fringe and commercial theatre, earning accolades at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015 and at the Short+Sweet Theatre Festival in Dubai in 2020.

An adaptive and fluid performer, Satya has worked in a variety of productions in roles ranging from dramatic to comedic, contemporary and classical. These have included the lead in Sarah Ruhl's 'Orlando' as well as supporting roles in 'Hamlet' and 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Satya also starred in Neil LaBute's 'The Shape Of Things' in August 2020 - the first play of Dubai's post-lockdown season, as well as lead the highly acclaimed production of 'Holmes and Watson', both of which opened to great acclaim. Prior to moving to Vancouver in June 2021, Satya produced and starred in 'The Wolf Pack', an original short film which he helped write.

Satya is also a proficient guitarist and singer, both of which are self-taught and he has also completed his Trinity Grade 6 music exam in guitar. A skilled cold-reader, who thrives in evolving situations, Satya revels in the opportunity to improvise with his scene partners. His knowledge of on-camera technique has also been bolstered by his work in short films, as well as a short-course in film acting he has taken since leaving university.

Additionally, Satya is interested in martial arts as a form of fitness and as a hobby as has achieved a yellow belt in kick-boxing. He is also an avid reader, and engages in creative writing in his spare time. He is now looking for opportunities to expand his body of work and gain more experience to build his career.

For more information, please feel free to refer to his Actor's Access:

Contact info: Email - Openly seeking representation across the board (managerial, theatrical, commercial, VO).

62 Reader Reviews

" Thank you Satya!! Very patient with my connectivity issues and working different takes. "
" Satya is a great reader! Thanks so much for your help :) "
" Great reader with excellent coaching skills. Definitely going to book with him whenever he's available. "
" GOLD. Amazing Feedbacks. "
" So helpful, gave me so much to work with. not just a great reader but a fantastic coach!! cant wait to work with him again "
" Really supportive and a solid reader. "
" Satya is a great reader, with gently energy and had a great suggestion for my audition! Thank you! "
" My audition involved alot of physicality for a fight scene and he absolutely crushed it with his energy and timing! 5 stars! "
" Amazing reader super fast and efficient "
" Great reader and great notes! "
" Great direction and feedback. Really appreciated the help :) "
" Thank you "
" Super chill, helpful, patient. Thanks so much Satya! "
" Satya is so much fun to work with. Full of the best notes & true blessing. "
" Very much engaged and actively listening! He saved me from a big mistake I was repeatedly making due to his attentiveness. Grateful for his help. Would definitely like to work with Satya again. "
" Great positive energy! Satya is really helpful and feels the room well - if you're too bubbly at times (like me) he gives you space and knows when to chime in with a spot-on advice. Very good reader. I definitely recommend him. "
" Amazing reader, really cool and gives great suggestions "
" So helpful and patient "
" Awesome reader! "
" Satya ! you're an absolute star. Thank you for your kindness and patience. You rock! "
" Super nice! "
" Satya made me feel so at ease and helped me changed my mindset going into the audtion. His notes really cleaned up my transitions and I got several awesome takes. Thank you! "
" Great rehearsals! "
" Satya is the best reader I have used on here so far. He is calm, and gives great insight to whatever scene you are working on. Very patient and teaches ways to get out of your head. I would recommend him!! "
" Very good reader and gave good tips. "
" Satya is a great reader with great timing! Book him! "
" Very friendly and helpful reader! "
" Great feedback and direction; he was very patient with some connectivity issues and graciously offered feedback and a redirect. It felt like I was in the room with casting :'( oh the memories! Very detailed and he worked with me to get a grounded take for each scene. Will defiantly seek him in the future specifically "
" Great reader, very helpful and insightful! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Super helpful "
" Awesome as always. So easy to work with, honest & assuring. Legend. "
" Satyaaaa!!! Thank you. You are more than an amazing reader. You're a gendrous and attentive scene partner. See ya next time :) "
" Incredible reader and very generous "
" Great, thank you! "
" Great to rehearse with "
" Satya is amazing! So helpful. He helped me be more confident and comfortable that I was able to freely finding more moments during my self-tape. . "
" Praise be onto Satya, he is one of my favourite readers, always on point & full of great ideas & the energy I need to nail a tape. Thank you. "
" Satya is awesomely supportive, full of great notes & an all round great guy. Always a pleasure booking him. "
" Satya is the greatest, so patient, encouraging & such a pleasure to work with as always. Thank you so much. "
" Great to work with, helpful direction. Looking forward too next time. "
" Awesome to work with, great notes. "
" Yes "
" Satya was great! I had a cold read and he instantly jumped into character and gave me strong energy to play off. IVery kind and patient- would love to work with him again on another project! "
" Satya was really helpful! he gave me really good advices about the scene, and it was pleasure to meet him and to work with him. "
" SOOO GREAT! He helped me with a self tape and gave me ideas to change it up for my last take (my choice) he checked before we started to see if I was into opinions or not. You won't regret choosing him for any help! Thank you so much! "
" Satya is an absolute legend among men. Thank you for all your supportiveness, encouragement & patience with me. You really brought out the best in the text for me. Thanks. "
" Brilliant human, i just had tech issues on my end, but Satya was on it! "
" Satya helped me a great deal with my self-tape. He has lots of patience and knowledge. Book him! "
" Awesome reader "
" Satya rocks! He has such a lovely calm and friendly energy and gave me great insights into my scene and the character! Such a great experience-thank you! "
" Really helpful and a lovely guy to chat to. He gives great energy back as a reader! "
" Fabulous! Really lovely to work with and gave me lots of useful tips! Really helpful :) Looking forward to working with Satya again in the future! x "
" Wonderful reader! He worked with me and had great advice. He picked up on the rhythm and essence of the scene really well. Will definitely work with him again!! "
" Satya is such a thoughtful & an all round brilliant reader. Book him. You won't regret it. "
" Satya is great as always, a pillar of help, support & a fountain of great ideas. "
" Great reader and readily offers amazing feedback. Would highly recommend and work with again! "
" Couldn't connect "
" Satya is amazing, so supportive, calming, encouraging & full of great ideas. I cannot recommend him enough. Book him. "
" Satya is awesome. Full of so many great ideas & a pleasure to work with. Book him. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Satya is incredible! Such a patient, kind and fun person to rehearse with! He was generous with feedback and time and gave notes in the most respectful manner. Thank you, can't wait to rehearse with you again! "

Credits Include

2021 [added]
The Taming of The Shrew
Theatre | Petruchio
2021 [added]
Holmes and Watson
Theatre | Dr. Watson
2021 [added]
The Wolf Pack
Short Film | Lead
2020 [added]
On The Cross Bronx
Theatre | Dir.
2020 [added]
The Shape Of Things
Theatre | Phillip
2020 [added]
HomeBox - Cricket Fun
2020 [added]
DU - 5G Network
2020 [added]
2020 [added]
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Theatre | Bottom
2019 [added]
Short Film | Lead
2019 [added]
Short Film | Lead
2018 [added]
Magic Hour: The Murder Mystery Disco
Theatre | Sterling Dollaire
2018 [added]
DeVere Project
2018 [added]
Theatre | Visiting Prof/Ensemble
2018 [added]
Theatre | Raza
2017 [added]
God of Carnage
Theatre | Dir.
2017 [added]
The Sorceress
Theatre Opere | Male Chorus
2016 [added]
Theatre | Orlando
2016 [added]
Blood, Ink and Broken Teleprompters
Theatre | The American
2016 [added]
Ant Farm
Theatre | James
2015 [added]
The Pit
Theatre | Dr. Tooraj Mansoor
2015 [added]
Maiden: A Recycled Fairytale
Theatre | The Narrator (Frederico)