Sarah McLean

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Hi there!

I'm an award-winning actor/writer and collegiate Hall of Fame athlete with 17 years of improv experience, over 10 years of scripted TV comedy (single cam and multi-cam) training, and am a comedy/drama writer who's been booking off self-tapes for over 5 years now.

I'm also very adept at deadpan sarcasm. I understand that's hard for some people.

Whether you're looking to simply practice your scene or get off book, need a coaching, an extra brain to help with script analysis, or work on your self-tape, I can help.

I look forward to working with you and helping you succeed.

Sarah McLean is an actor/writer and collegiate Hall of Fame athlete, inducted in 2011 for tennis and softball. Her life as an athlete and coach inspired the series 3 Strikes, where she plays a high school softball coach with anger issues. In addition, Sarah's on-camera fighting and firearms training has helped land her many detective and cop roles throughout her career.


47 Reader Reviews

" Sarah was a wonderful reader. Warm and talented. I'd definitely recommend her and hope to work with her again! "
" Super patient, great feedback! "
" Super sweet and awesome!!! "
" VERY skilled with comedy!! She knows the pace, tone, and gives great feedback! "
" Super sweet! And helpful! "
" Quick and Fun commercial audition with the help of Sarah!!! THANK YOU! "
" Second time working with Sarah. She is fabulous. Great help with my multi-cam sides, love the comedy help and she knows her stuff. "
" Great with notes and lovely to work with! "
" Amazing! "
" Dopness! "
" Wonnderful! "
" Lovely reader! "
" Sarah was so lovely and helpful!! Gave me some great notes. Thank you :) "
" Sarah is a terrific, chill, knowledgeable reader. Great advice for different takes on the scene. Truly valuable! Book her! "
" Such a pleasure to work with! Great reader! "
" Brilliant, focused and specific, work with her. She is awesome. Came to her for help with comedy sides and she did not disappoint. Thank you, Sarah. "
" Sarah is great, second time reading with her this week! "
" I LOVED reading with Sarah. Thank you so much! "
" Sarah was great! So patient and encouraging. "
" Sarah is amazing! She was so encouraging from the start, had incredible presence and patience, and gave wonderful advice. 10/10 "
" Quick, helpful, chill! Thanks, Sarah! "
" Sarah is a great reader, very helpful! "
" Pro. Awesome job. Thanks;) "
" She was amazing!! Really help me find that extra added emotion I needed for my audition. ☺️ "
" Sarah is fantastic! She is a terrific actor who delivered exactly what I needed to get my best take. "
" Sarah was able to jump into a scene that had a lot of backstory and emotional undercurrents and provide a beautiful, clear scene partner for self tape. Excellent skills and focus. "
" Great read. thanks very much for your help "
" Great reader. , Thanks Sarah "
" Very helpful! "
" Really helpful! "
" Sarah is super helpful! "
" Incredibly kind, present, and knowledgable scene partner. Thanks so much, Sarah! "
" Excellent reader! So kind and has wonderful insight. "
" So fun. Thank you Sarah! Your instincts for comedy were so appreciated. "
" Sarah read beautifully well and gave me all the feedback and advice I was hoping for :D "
" Great reader! Great knowledge of TV! "
" Supportive, smart, and helped me piece together a scene. Thank you! "
" WONDERFUL! I DREADED a scene that we were about to start and walked out smiling and excited to do it. Highly recommend! "
" Sarah is a great reader and gives 110%. Highly recommended :) "
" Sarah was the perfect reader for this audition!! It was almost divine intervention. But I have a feeling that she would be great with anything or anyone. Good reader - good attitude - kind and I appreciate all of that. Thank you. "
" Sarah was wonderful!!!! She was helpful and smart, chill and focused. I will def use her again!!! "
" Sarah was great - jumped in on a cold read and had fab pacing. "
" Great kind reader!! "
" She was super helpful! I definitely recommend her. Great partner "
" Amazing! "
" Sarah is passionate about comedy and knows her sh$zt! Had a great time exploring and getting a scene up to speed with her! "
" Rockstar!! Very Very cool to read with. Great eye and ear for self tapes and gave me some ideas to work with I didn't even think about while working on this piece!!! TOP KNOTCH!!! "

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