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(The lack of exclamation point doesn't mean I'm not excited or don't care. I do! Dammit. There goes my branding.)

I'm an award-winning actor/writer and collegiate Hall of Fame athlete with 19 years of improv experience, over 12 years of scripted TV comedy (single cam and multi-cam) training, and am a comedy/drama writer who's been booking (and helping others book) off self-tapes before the pandemic forced us all to do it.

*Need a believable cop for your procedural scene? Yeah, that's kinda what I do.
*Authoritative doctor with good bed-side manner? Also my jam.
*A snarky best-friend to dish out advice? That's how I came out of the womb.
*I'm also very adept at deadpan sarcasm. I hear that's hard for people?

And of course I'm more than willing to jump in and hit the ground running with whatever you need. My goal is to help you succeed. Whether you're looking to practice your scene, get off book, have a coaching, an extra brain to help with script analysis, or work on your self-tape, I'm here to help and serve your best interest.

If I'm not online and you want to book directly, please contact me via Twitter, IG or email:

Twitter: @iamsarahmclean
IG: @iamarahmclean

Venmo: Sarah-McLean-12 (preferred over PayPal - Thank you!)

I look forward to working with you and helping you succeed.

Sarah McLean is an actor/writer and collegiate Hall of Fame athlete, inducted for tennis and softball. Her life as an athlete and coach inspired the series 3 Strikes, where she plays a high school softball coach with anger issues. In addition, Sarah's on-camera fighting and firearms training has helped land her many detective and cop roles throughout her career.


127 Reader Reviews

" Such a great experience. 100% recommend to people looking for readers. "
" Thank you "
" Sarah was a great reader and able to jump right in! "
" Great reader! Great patience! "
" Very calm, great energy! "
" Thank you "
" Helped me prepare for an improv showcase I have tomorrow. Really calmed my nerves :) "
" Thank you "
" Thank you "
" The best as always "
" She's REALLY good ! "
" Sarah is incredibly patient and supportive. Has lots of great ideas! Great reader. "
" Just the best ! "
" Fantastic reader, intuitive and patient, gave great insight into script and super easy to work with!! A+ "
" So nice to work with Sarah ! :) "
" Super helpful reader :) Lovely to work with. "
" Thank you "
" Had an amazing time taping with Sarah! She was a lot of fun and gave great feedback. Grateful to have taped my audition with her!!! "
" Great, professional reader. I appreciated how helpful and encouraging she was since this was my first time using WeAudition. "
" Sarah was so down to earth and fun to work with! Had some really helpful notes and adjustments. Loved working with her she really helped bring the scene to life. "
" Sarah was awesome! Professional and fun to work with!! "
" Wonderful, patient, great direction. Saved my life by reading a last minute audition with me. Sarah is a pro! "
" Good reader and provided solid notes "
" Thank you "
" So amazing "
" Awesome as always "
" Thank you "
" Super prompt and professional "
" A go-to. I love reading with Sarah! "
" THE BEST! What a rockstar.. "
" Asked such helpful questions to help flesh out the scene. Thank You! "
" Excellent with sitcom! Very helpful for style. Great reader! Can't wait to work again. "
" Great reader!!! Very supportive!! "
" Sarah was lovely! A true pro! Great reader! "
" So incredible. What a sweet human being and talented artist. Helped me get my submission done and let me do as many takes as I wanted. "
" If you need to work on a procedural series, she is your person. She had the detectives role nailed and made me better in the scene. "
" Thanks for your patience and willingness to play! (BONUS points for identifying the song lyrics in the scene!) "
" Sarah was a pleasure to work with! She had to read two different roles for me and changed up the voices to help me differentiate between the characters. She helped me feel at ease since it's been awhile since I've done a theatrical self-tape. We had some good laughs in the process as well. :-D "
" Wonderful reader - Sarah went above and beyond this time, patient, grounded, and great notes that helped bring my tape back into genre. Thanks Sarah! "
" Amazing, thanks for your help! "
" Sarah was so helpful in keeping me on script! "
" Beautiful energy. Kind. Generous. Grounded. Natural. Very professional. It was an absolute pleasure working with Sarah. "
" Sarah's got tons of great comedy scene tips. Thanks for being so helpful and efficient! "
" Thanks for being patient and insightful as my reader. I booked it "
" Amazing reader, provided clear, succinct and useful feedback. Highly recommend! "
" She is fun and insightful! Ty so much "
" Sarah is a WONDERFUL reader! Her advice and comedic wisdom helped me come up with multiple amazing takes for this self-tape. Thank you so much! "
" Amazeballs. thank you!! "
" Sarah had to bring some COMEDY to this reader role and she served! Absolutely loved working with her. Thank you so much! "
" SO AMAZING!! What a wonderful reader! One of the bests I have ever had on this website! Great acting skills, beautiful voice, and a perfect scene partner! Thank you so much! "
" Professional and easy to work with. Thoughtful! "
" Always great working with Sarah. Do yourselves a favour and book her. "
" Thanks again!! "
" Sarah is a pleasure to read with. She helped with all I needed for this selftape. "
" Thank you! "
" Awesome! "
" Another great read with Sarah! Thanks for helping me get there :) "
" Sarah is SO much fun!!!! She's ready to play and help and encourage!!! Thanks, Sarah! "
" Awesome - just what I was looking for! Needed a grounded female voice for my procedural audition, and Sarah's hit the mark. thank you Sarah! "
" Jumped right with great energy. Very personable and supportive. Thanks! "
" Sarah is always such a great reader and scene parter! "
" Sarah is an amazing reader! I loved working with her! "
" Sarah was so great and helpful! Thank you! "
" Great Reader!!! "
" Sarah had some awesome pointers for comedy and is a really helpful reader! Would definitely recommend :) "
" Keeps the scene grounded and great reader! "
" Love Sarah. She is great, have worked with her a bunch of times. Recommend! "
" Warm reader with an eye for detail! Thanks, Sarah!! And fingers crossed! "
" So awesome - My first ever triple cam comedy audition and Sarah coached me and read for me, SO well! Knows her stuff! "
" Awesome! "
" Sarah was endlessly helpful, patient, and encouraging. Super fun to read with as well and had tips I otherwise probably wouldn't have remembered in my effort to get a "perfect" tape, which she also talked me through and helped me with. Thank you so much Sarah!! "
" Sarah is awesome. Easy going and knows her stuff - Well! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Amazing as always "
" A+ improviser, always great to work with "
" Great coach! "
" Good sense of comedy and a good reader! "
" Great reader. Very professional and excellent notes. "
" Friendly, Efficient & Fun! "
" Sarah was a wonderful reader. Warm and talented. I'd definitely recommend her and hope to work with her again! "
" Super patient, great feedback! "
" Super sweet and awesome!!! "
" VERY skilled with comedy!! She knows the pace, tone, and gives great feedback! "
" Super sweet! And helpful! "
" Quick and Fun commercial audition with the help of Sarah!!! THANK YOU! "
" Second time working with Sarah. She is fabulous. Great help with my multi-cam sides, love the comedy help and she knows her stuff. "
" Great with notes and lovely to work with! "
" Amazing! "
" Dopness! "
" Wonnderful! "
" Lovely reader! "
" Sarah was so lovely and helpful!! Gave me some great notes. Thank you :) "
" Sarah is a terrific, chill, knowledgeable reader. Great advice for different takes on the scene. Truly valuable! Book her! "
" Such a pleasure to work with! Great reader! "
" Brilliant, focused and specific, work with her. She is awesome. Came to her for help with comedy sides and she did not disappoint. Thank you, Sarah. "
" Sarah is great, second time reading with her this week! "
" I LOVED reading with Sarah. Thank you so much! "
" Sarah was great! So patient and encouraging. "
" Sarah is amazing! She was so encouraging from the start, had incredible presence and patience, and gave wonderful advice. 10/10 "
" Quick, helpful, chill! Thanks, Sarah! "
" Sarah is a great reader, very helpful! "
" Pro. Awesome job. Thanks;) "
" She was amazing!! Really help me find that extra added emotion I needed for my audition. ☺️ "
" Sarah is fantastic! She is a terrific actor who delivered exactly what I needed to get my best take. "
" Sarah was able to jump into a scene that had a lot of backstory and emotional undercurrents and provide a beautiful, clear scene partner for self tape. Excellent skills and focus. "
" Great read. thanks very much for your help "
" Great reader. , Thanks Sarah "
" Very helpful! "
" Really helpful! "
" Sarah is super helpful! "
" Incredibly kind, present, and knowledgable scene partner. Thanks so much, Sarah! "
" Excellent reader! So kind and has wonderful insight. "
" So fun. Thank you Sarah! Your instincts for comedy were so appreciated. "
" Sarah read beautifully well and gave me all the feedback and advice I was hoping for :D "
" Great reader! Great knowledge of TV! "
" Supportive, smart, and helped me piece together a scene. Thank you! "
" WONDERFUL! I DREADED a scene that we were about to start and walked out smiling and excited to do it. Highly recommend! "
" Sarah is a great reader and gives 110%. Highly recommended :) "
" Sarah was the perfect reader for this audition!! It was almost divine intervention. But I have a feeling that she would be great with anything or anyone. Good reader - good attitude - kind and I appreciate all of that. Thank you. "
" Sarah was wonderful!!!! She was helpful and smart, chill and focused. I will def use her again!!! "
" Sarah was great - jumped in on a cold read and had fab pacing. "
" Great kind reader!! "
" She was super helpful! I definitely recommend her. Great partner "
" Amazing! "
" Sarah is passionate about comedy and knows her sh$zt! Had a great time exploring and getting a scene up to speed with her! "
" Rockstar!! Very Very cool to read with. Great eye and ear for self tapes and gave me some ideas to work with I didn't even think about while working on this piece!!! TOP KNOTCH!!! "

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