Sarah M. Jordan

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I have been acting for over a decade and studied at Paper Mill Playhouse, the George Washington Univeristy, and the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin. Running lines by myself has never been productive for me, so I'm happy to work with and help other actors!

I am an NYC-based actor with over 10 years of experience in everything from Musical Theatre to Classical Acting and Voice Over

" Sarah was great! Patient and helpful, she assisted me running lines and getting set for a great audition! "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Crystallize: An Icy Mystery
Voice Over Siobhan Wellfeather
2021 [added]
The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon
Alpha Theatre NYC Narrator 1
2019 [added]
A Comedy of Errors
George Washington University Program of Theatre and Dance Antipholus of Syracuse