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Hello! My name is Sarah Kay Peters. I am an actor, puppeteer, director and film maker in Los Angeles.

I am an Ensemble Member with Rogue Artists Ensemble and I perform with them and work on development teams to create new works regularly. Mediums I work in include theatre, immersive theatre and film (mostly independent). I have also been teaching acting play creation to students of all ages (mostly elementary through high school) since 2013 and music and voice since 2003! I love helping people find their voice and find their take on a scene.

I am here to help you. If you want some feedback on your scene, I am very happy to give that to you and offer some suggestions. If you just want someone to be a great reader to work off, I can do that, too! I've taught for years because I like to help people discover beautiful moments on stage or screen.

If you need help with technical aspects of a self tape, I am happy to help you find eye lines, look at lighting and offer tips for great sound.

I speak conversational Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

I look forward to working with you!

I'm a storyteller and activist. A performing artist and a teaching artist. I tell stories with voice and movement, masks and puppets, in film and theatre.

I've been an Ensemble Member with Rogue Artists Ensemble since 2014 and work with many types of puppetry, including shadow, rod, hand, cable, tabletop, bunraku inspired and body puppets. And of course I also love the privilege of acting with my full face as well.

I am an artivist. I believe art is a powerful tool for liberation, and I always do my best to make sure I am using the power of art for good, not evil.

The world is full of stories to be told, and I hope I get to tell some with you!


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" Excellent reader! Talented and great energy. "
" Sarah is lovely! Recommend. "
" Super helpful. Thanks so much. Great energy. "
" Oh so pleasant- reminded me of why I love actors! "
" She gave me a lot as a reader and was very real. Loved doing the scene with her! "
" She’s a great reader! very authentic very warm personality and i enjoyed working with her. so much talent in the city of los angeles. thank you Sarah! "
" Such an amazing reader and so patient. "
" Patient, kind, and a wonderful reader! Thanks so much, Sarah! :) "
" Such a trooper. Patient through a bunch of tech issues. ❤️ "
" Sarah is the sweetest kindest spirit! Thank you! "
" Patient, kind and super helpful. Would absolutely work with her again! "

Credits Include

2022 [IMDB]
Of the Son
2021 [added]
Kaidan: Alone
Narrative App Puppeteer
2021 [added]
Whose Blood is it Anyway?
Short - 48 Hr Ailyne
2019 [added]
Little Shop of Horrors
Pasadena Playh Puppeteer/Puppet Wrangler
2018 [added]
Wood Boy Dog Fish
Gary Marshall Puppeteer
2018 [added]
Señor Plummer's Final Fiesta
Immersive Thea Helen Hunt Jackson/Ensemble
2017 [added]
Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin
Immersive Thea Oni Puppeteer, Kitsune
2008 [IMDB]
Her Vietnam
2008 [IMDB]
How to Bury Betty
2007 [IMDB]
Succubus: Hell-Bent
2006 [IMDB]
Kill My Roommate