Sany Guest

Hey there! My name is Sany and I'm a creative focused on acting, improv, and writing.

I've been training with and received multiple scholarships from The Second City since 2018, starred in a feature film, done short and student films, and landed multiple commercial roles.

I'm always looking to help with auditions, dive into scripts, and find key insights to create powerful auditions you are proud to submit!

Sany has been involved in the dramatic and creative arts since she was a child. She is known for her performance as the lead role of Ruth in Story of Ruth, the principal role of Reporter in the short film Destabilized, and her role in the commercials for ThinkingCap Co. She has received scholarships from Second City for Improv and continues to take their classes regularly. Sany is continuing to take on roles that challenge and free her to express her self while brining life to productions.

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Credits Include

2021 [added]
Mamacita, Scotty Outty Music Video
Featured Model
2021 [added]
ThinkingCap Co. Commercial
Principal - Teacher
2021 [added]
Dessert First
Short Film Featured - Irritated Customer
2021 [added]
Alone Vs. Lonely
Shot Film Featured - Classy Party Attendee
2021 [added]
Story of Ruth
Feature Film Lead - Ruth
2021 [added]
Short Film Principal - Reporter
2021 [added]
Second City Improv Level 2 Final Show
Improv Artist
2018 [added]
Trip Jaunt Toronto
Featured Shopper
2014 [added]
Hello Harvard Trappers Music Video
Featured Club Attendee