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Hey guys!!! I just got here so I am excited to meet you all. Hit me up if you need a supportive and attentive reader.

I have my BFA from Tisch School of the Arts and I read with my friends a lot! I studied the method at Strasberg and film and tv acting at Stone Street Studios.

If you see my profile and I am not on here as available please feel free to email or DM me.

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Email: rachelwilliamsb@aol.com

Rachel is a native New Yorker from Queens. Her love for performing began in the church when she expressed her desire to sing. Her vocal teacher died very soon after her lessons began and at just 4 years old Rachel sang at the funeral.

She began studying with the Black Spectrum Theater at 11 years old after discover acting at Camp Sussex. When highschool came around she decided to attend John Bowne's Center for Writing. The program was performing arts focused and delved deep into subtext and character development.

In senior year Rachel was able to take her first college level Acting Class at Queens College while simultaneously studying at HB Studios on the weekend.

Rachel attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and received a BFA in Acting. She learned method acting from teachers that were trained by Lee Strasberg himself at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. She finished her degree by taking acting for camera classes at Stone Street Studios.

Today Rachel still enjoys singing, writing, and dancing. But she is an actress at heart!
****Rachel has been cast as warm, understanding characters who stand up for themselves and others.

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" Great energy!! So kind!! "
" Rachel is an great reader with AMAZING energy! You can’t help but smile when you work with her. "
" She is a wonderful reader and attentive! "

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