Dion Earl

It is my intention as your reader to allow you to access the best version of yourself by listening to your instincts, and then honing those to what the scene, setting and character development calls for. Essentially, allowing your truth to meet the writer and creators truth for the material to unfold.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Dion Earl took up acting as a profession after graduating from college with a degree in business and leaving behind a career in the legal field. In addition to training, Dion continues to challenge himself by seeking multi-dimensional characters in stories with dynamic themes. In terms of marketability, Dion is reminiscent of a John Boyega, with the dramatic poise of a Don Cheadle or Blair Underwood, yet still maintaining a youthful ingenuity, intelligence and charisma all his own.

Coast to Coast (Commercial) The Green Room (Mgmt.)

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