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The world has shifted to almost exclusively online interaction, what does that mean for YOU as an actor? It means more self-tapes, which in turn means more scripts which ALSO means you need a reader. Did you know who you read with can make or break your performance? As actors, we FEED off of one another’s energy, let me provide that spark you need! You need an animated reader? I got you! You need accents? I got ya there too mate! You need emotion and timing to give that dramatic read? Guess what... I GOT YOU! Let me help you get those roles that you’re after and help you grow as an actor. Even if you want to just practice, let me use the talents I have to help YOU. “This pandemic might stump your plans but it will NEVER stump your purpose.”

Brensten is an actor, standup comedian, and voice actor based out of Los Angeles. He has been featured in TV and film as an extra in various TV shows like Love and Hip Hop Hollywood as well as a lead and co-star in shows such Cheaters, Justice for All w/ Cristina Perez, Amazon’s “French Connection” and most recently Sexology with Shan. He’s been most recently casted in the Clubhouse production “Change” with members from BET, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and much more! He’s also performed standup comedy at Flapper’s Comedy Club and The Hollywood Comedy.

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