Briana Liu

upto 15 mins : $ 5.00
upto 30 mins : $ 10.00
upto 60 mins : $ 25.00

Hey! I'd love to help read for you.
I've done acting for many years, and am now doing more directing and writing.

I have ample experience casting and can share some of my ideas on your tape with my casting/directing eye if needed. Or I can just read. You can tell me if you want a more natural read, or more character based. I'm open to adjustments.

I'm a bilingual speaker of Mandarin Chinese and can also speak Spanish, Portuguese and French if needed.

My acting training includes scene study, Meisner, improv, commercials, audition technique, on camera, Stanislavsky, theater, body movement/voice.

Now I also do classes on acting fundamentals and technique--please feel free to ask for more details.

Hope you have a great day!

Prefer Venmo: B-liu
If for some reason I am taking a while to respond to your request, please email, sometimes I don't receive the notification.

Writer, director, actor and painter.


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" Super helpful reader with great insight! A pleasure to work with "
" Very helpful and patient "
" Easy, fun, had a great experience with Briana! "
" Great reader! Picked up on the story super fast and had nice energy. "
" Great reader! Really strong feedback. Much Appreciated. "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader.... patient and helpful :) "
" She is really helpful. Gave me many choices as it was a cold read for me. Just got the sides a few minutes before we did the rehearsal. Excellent! "
" Honest and helpful critique and feedback, I feel like I learned! "
" Briana is a wonderful reader! "
" Super real, grounded reader. Love it. "
" Great notes, very patient! "
" Awesome reader! Thank you! "
" Briana was awesome! Super patient and helpful! "
" Great to work with. "
" Great to work with and chill when there were tech problems. "
" Amazing as always. Such a great reader and genuine person. "
" Great reader "
" So nice, warm and helpful!!! "
" Briana is really great to work with!!! Infinitely patient and helpful while I was trying to memorize lines. Highly recommend. "
" Super fun reader. Was able to go into the scene super natural and free. "
" Lovely energy! "
" Such a lovely person and absolutely wonderful to work with!! An AWESOME coach - clearly very talented and gets it!! "
" Briana is great! I recommend her to anyone that needs a reader! "
" Our session was amazing...we got right to the meat of it. "
" Super committed easy to work with! great feedback "
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" Very helpful. we had fun too "
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" Great notes! She has a great understanding of scene work. "
" Amazing reader that also saved my audition by picking up on something I didn't! Thanks Briana :) "
" Briana is great! I recommend her to anyone that needs a reader! "
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" Always a joy to see Briana. Thank you for the time! "
" Good energy! "
" Briana is a natural and patient through my medical lingo fumbles! "
" Great reading with you, thanks! "
" Briana is amazing! Great reader and such a joy to work with!! RECOMMEND!! "
" Briana is absolutely amazing, a talented reader and full of great ideas and direction that will help your self tape excel. Kind and generous but not afraid to push you either. Loved working with her. "
" Always great :) "
" Really fab to work with. Thank you "
" Briana always good!! Great feedback and good energy "
" Great job loved it! thanks "
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" Thank you! Such a patient reader! Wonderful to run lines with! Will use again! "
" Amazing! Gave me great notes that really helped fill out the scene. Such a pro! "
" So helpful & was patient with me as I still get acclimated to WeAudition! Had great feedback & worked through sides with me with great ideas. "
" Thank you! "
" Great reader with some very helpful notes! "
" Great reader! "
" Great and patient reader :) "
" As someone who is starting out as an actor and new to the audition process, I appreciated Briana's genuine willingness to share her knowledge of her 6+ years of experience in the industry. Her feedback was insightful and her suggestions on making the read more interesting were spot on and super helpful. I would definitely recommend Briana! "
" Thanks so much! "
" What a pleasure to work and talk with Briana again. She is a fucking PRO. Her advice and suggestions were spot on! Thanks! "
" Great energy and patient! "
" Briana is flexible and easy to work with. I felt like I was in good hands! "
" Briana is so wonderful to work with! Not only an insanely talented actor herself, but she has a very sharp eye on the slightest adjustment that could make a scene pop even more. Highly recommend working with her! "
" Great reader & patient! "
" Excellent reader with good pace and humor. Great tips and advice too. "
" Amazing vibe "
" Really helped get me off book and great ways to remember the difficult lines! "
" Efficient, friendly, and came up with a great note that gave my audition the secret ingredient it was missing. Will def book again. Thanks Briana! "
" GREAT! "
" Super helpful and provides great feedback. Suggested doing some improvisation to help the scene which was fun to try out! "
" Super warm and inviting. Plus, she gives you an energetic read from the first take to the last! Thanks, Briana!! "
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" Briana was super kind and a generous reader, offering great advice and encouragement along the way! "
" Super game to play with me, really kind, lots of fun! "
" Fantastic reader, I probably booked it because of her "
" Five stars! See ya soon "
" Kind, funny, and patient! Headed to my favorites! "
" AMAZING -- she pushed my boundaries and helped me get a GREAT performance "
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" Bri was fantastic! She was incredibly patient with me, really guided me through my choices, and gave me fresh angles to consider with numerous takes. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a reader and I'll definitely work with her again! "
" Truly a great reader- so impressed "
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" Wonderful reader. Patient, supportive, and with great ideas! "
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" Fantastic! Great direction for a hard piece with odd writing. Thank you so much. "
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" Good instincts! "
" Very good reader, supportive and helpful "
" Briana is an amazing reader!!!!!!!!! "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" Brian is so much fun to work with and such a pro! Book her! "
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" Such a GEM!!!! Great suggestion that brought the scene to a new level. Thank you! "
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" Thank you! "
" So sweet and helpful! "
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" Super supportive with great insights! Highly Recommended! "
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" Great again! Briana has nice ideas and insights into characters imagine worlds which is helpful. "
" Briana is great! Very understanding!!! "
" Great experience! So helpful and nice, Thanks Briana! "
" Super sweet and down to earth. Helped me unfold a confusing script. Appreciate you! "
" THE BEST-- super fast cold reader, great expression, fantastic! "
" Great reader. Patient and provides smart feedback. "
" Briana was super nice and helpful and gave lots of good advice! Thank you! "
" Brianna made it easy t create and haaaaave Fun!!!! thank you Brianna "
" Briana was a wonderful reader "
" Great positive energy. Excellent reader. "
" Lovely working with Briana! Book her. "
" I had a great experience working on my scene with Briana - I enjoyed her feedback and felt very comfortable to apply her suggestions; Briana's suggestions did in fact hit home for me; I am truly grateful and thankful; "
" Great Energy! "
" Briana is such an excellent reader. She helped me with some sketchy lines, and I am happy with the final product. "
" Briana was great! Quick, professional and kind "
" Such a help! Thank you for your support and advice!! "
" Wonderful supportive reader! "
" Fun and Wonderful reader!! Totally recommend! "
" Wonderful working with Briana - she can offer excellent suggestions and her reading is spot on. "
" Wonderful reader - excellent notes, etc. "
" Briana was fun, professional and a pleasure to work with! "
" This was my first time using Weaudition and Briana was so awesome to work with! "
" Briana helped me get further into the script! She's a vibrant reader with great instincts, and she is down to play with whatever you want to try! Would definitely recommend and can't wait to work with again! "
" Nice vibe "
" Very sweet. Great reader! "
" Great reader "
" Excellent reader! "
" Brianna was extremely helpful as I'm learning lines! "
" Great "
" She is so kind, authentic, and encouraging. Great reader!!! "

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