Philip Moran

upto 15 mins : $ 15.00
upto 30 mins : $ 15.00
upto 60 mins : $ 23.00

Hello fellow Actor, I am back and I miss working with all of you ..

Canada/USA/Europe based

*Film-Tv-and Tv Host in USA,Canada,and Europe

*FEES include READING and COACHING COMBINED! & MY 35 years
of INVESTMENT$ to pass on to YOU!
can assist you with Your:
General American, Italian/Sicilian, and some French.
*Please note I am available most of the time from 0600am-0200am, however, i might be occupied with something pressing so email me

HIGHLIGHTS *submitted for best lead in a feature film.
*nominated for best actor.
*main lead in a feature film.
*main host of a tv show.
*actor in a High- Budget Feature Film
*acting coach to other actors.
and more.......,
Should you want to create a most compelling Audition, I am here to Assist You! Being my age, I have many years of Training, Life Experience, and Onset Applications to draw from.
************ I just don't read, I act in my readings.********************************

*All Sessions include Free Coaching & XtraTime. Get the audition, Get the Job! My job is to assist you in creating the best audition possible.

********Should you want to contact me to schedule an audition time,

I am an Actor/Coach known for (Role in "Total Recall 2012"), and a lot more mostly working throughout North America. I am available for most of the 10 hours maximum per day if I am not working on Tv, Films, Commercials, voices, Live Shows, Comicons and Coaching.
I know because I also audition just like you, and pay for Private Coaching too. I understand how one Audition can impact your future.
I can offer set-up and shooting suggestions to help make your scenes look more compelling and interesting, and I do give free time since it's hard to stop the timer.
I will be happy to answer any of your questions.
*I speak English, Italian, French, and American -accent English.

please use these links to check references.


Training, Life Experience, and On-Set Application.
Have an Awesome Day!


Agent and Management are undisclosed.

27 Reader Reviews

" He was great, he really brought out the character emotion in me. Thanks Philip! "
" Thank you philip! "
" He did great!!!! I was having trouble with my equipment🤪 "
" It was great working with Philip! "
" I had initially selected someone else, but Philip's profile generated after I tested out my settings. It ended up being a BLESSING!!:) Had never worked with Philip before and he was AMAZING!!!:) He gave GREAT NOTES and Shared Wonderful tips to really flesh out my character. Would definitely select him in the future!!:) "
" Thank Philip! Great Reader! "
" Thank you!!!!! "
" And again, he delivers! Thank You "
" Wonderful. As always! "
" Philip was a great reader!! Very patient and giving. "
" Great reader and coach "
" Philip was amazing! He loves what he does, he loves helping other actors and I couldn't ask for a better actor to help me with my scenes today. I'm so grateful. "
" Wonderful reader and really helpful with re-directs and options. Thank You! "
" Great reader!!!! "
" Great reader with great tips. "
" Philip is great! loved the suggestions will be back again&) "
" Great working with Philip who gave good notes on the process and script. "
" Helped me with a last-minute scene - thank you! "
" Philip has lots of notes that will definitely rethink your choices. Be prepared to get inspired and see things in a different way! "
" Philip is great! "
" Really great reader. Helped me get to a place where I needed to be. "
" Very good reader! Loved working with him. "
" Great coach and reader! "
" Philip was great, especially for cop type of roles. "
" Great read. Thank you so much "
" Very patient and willing to offer advice and suggestions! Thanks! "
" Excellent!!!!!!!!! so pacient and helpful and ...amazing actor "