Philip Moran

upto 15 mins : $ 20.00
upto 30 mins : $ 20.00
upto 60 mins : $ 32.00

Hello fellow Actor, I love working with all of you ...

HIGHLIGHTS *submitted for best lead in a feature film.
*nominated for best actor.
*main lead in a feature film.
*main host of a tv show.
*actor in a huge budget feature film
*acting coach to other actors.
and more.......,
Should you want to create a most compelling Audition, I am here to Assist You! Being my age, I have many years of Training, Life Experience, and Onset Applications to draw from.
************ I just don't read, I act in my readings.********************************

*All Sessions include Free Coaching & XtraTime. Get the audition, Get the Job! My job is to assist you in creating the best audition possible.

********Should you want to contact me to schedule an audition time,

I am an Actor/Coach known for (Role in "Total Recall 2012"), and a lot more mostly working throughout North America. I am available for most of the 10 hours maximum per day if I am not working on Tv, Films, Commercials, voices, Live Shows, Comicons and Coaching.
I know because I also audition just like you, and I understand how one Audition can impact your future.
I can offer set-up and shooting suggestions to help make your scenes look more compelling and interesting, and I do give free time since it's hard to stop the timer.
I will be happy to answer any of your questions.
*I speak English, Italian, French, and American -accent English.

please use these links to check references.

Training, Life Experience, and On-Set Application.
Have an Awesome Day!

Currently, an Actor Working and Auditioning for Union Actor Roles, and have over 20 years of relative experience. Interested in Networking and Creations. Love to Teach and Grow!


Agent and Management are undisclosed.

20 Reader Reviews

" And again, he delivers! Thank You "
" Wonderful. As always! "
" Philip was a great reader!! Very patient and giving. "
" Great reader and coach "
" Philip was amazing! He loves what he does, he loves helping other actors and I couldn't ask for a better actor to help me with my scenes today. I'm so grateful. "
" Wonderful reader and really helpful with re-directs and options. Thank You! "
" Great reader!!!! "
" Great reader with great tips. "
" Philip is great! loved the suggestions will be back again&) "
" Great working with Philip who gave good notes on the process and script. "
" Helped me with a last-minute scene - thank you! "
" Philip has lots of notes that will definitely rethink your choices. Be prepared to get inspired and see things in a different way! "
" Philip is great! "
" Really great reader. Helped me get to a place where I needed to be. "
" Very good reader! Loved working with him. "
" Great coach and reader! "
" Philip was great, especially for cop type of roles. "
" Great read. Thank you so much "
" Very patient and willing to offer advice and suggestions! Thanks! "
" Excellent!!!!!!!!! so pacient and helpful and ...amazing actor "

Credits Include

2012 [added]
Total Recall
Actor (firearm)