Patrick Cronen

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upto 60 mins : $ 50.00


There is a MILLION actors on WeAudition now- and picking a good reader and coach is EXTREMELY important for your audition and your ongoing work.
So, if you've stopped to read my bio, I appreciate you.

My name's Patrick, I'm a working acting coach and an actor in LA, although I also work in Atlanta, Hawaii, and Albuquerque. I recently coached actors on the movie Babylon and work privately as well.

As an actor in the last three months, I:
1. Shot a non-union VW commercial
2. Shot a global SAG spot with Julia Roberts
3. Shot a well-paid viral video campaign
4. Shot a guest star on Magnum, PI in Hawaii (now set to recur)
5. Shot a Memorial Health commercial in Texas
6. Signed with a top three print agency
7. Shot a supporting lead in the Untitled SLA/Patty Hearst movie (opposite Kevin Pollack and Tate Donovan)
8. Shot a shoe print campaign
9. Had to turn down a direct offer for a movie on Hulu
10. Shot six commercials as a spokesman for a major home renovation company in Tampa
11. Shot a national print campaign, and
12. Shot a teleprompter job for CarShield.

Not a bad run, all told!

As a coach, I get you booking great roles and the offices that see you for them (Because you book the OFFICE, never the job).

I've shot more than 100 commercials and am often asked to guest teach, so it's nice to know this site exists. I don't have a side hustle- I do this because I like giving back to the job that gives so much to me.

-I can do 15-min requests but my powers are better used on 30 and 60-min.
-Once we've worked together, I'll consider you as a private client if you'd like to work ongoing (message me for my rates there)

So let's get you BOOKED.
Why keep your dreams a hobby when they should be buying your house?

IG: @itspatrickcronen

*for setting up a time for readings/private coaching (or DM me on IG)

**I have a private client schedule, so if you'd like to work in the future, let me know and I'd be happy to slate you in.

Hey Gang! Just hop on over to my reader intro for my full bio :)

For my full list of rep, see my links on: @itspatrickcronen on IG, or: Thanks!

91 Reader Reviews

" Always amazing! Needed a run through for an in person audition tomorrow, Patrick helped me get my lines down and gave me some valuable notes and feedback to nudge everything into place. "
" Incredible. Patrick is so incredibly helpful. Really trust his coaching "
" Excellent reader and a fantastic coach! Thanks again Patrick "
" Awesome - thank you! "
" AMAZING! Instantly one of my favorites. Great coaching. "
" Patrick was awesome! Great reader and coach and very specific with his notes. 5 stars. "
" Super professional and helpful "
" Took his time and expertise in helping me shape my character for my audition! "
" Patrick was amazing. Great direction, feedback and notes. "
" Really great work. Thanks! Appreciate the perspective! "
" Patrick gives great notes and suggestions. He's very experienced and knows his sh*t! "
" Patrick was such a pleasure to work with. A great, insightful coach and reader who really helps set up the scene with great ideas. But more than that he was a wonderful personality to work with and made me feel really at ease. "
" Patrick is the best! So glad I met him, my go to guy. And his rate is terrific for the level of scene coaching he provides. I have taken a couple of sessions with Patrick, and I have learned a lot from him. He has a really great eye and understanding for keeping your performance natural and not performative. Also very great with getting inside your character's head, and coming up with thoughts that keep my work inspired and authentic. "
" This is actually a comment in response to Briana Bui's comment, which is entirely inaccurate. Patrick is not only an excellent coach, but he also very clearly lists his rates. Please disregard her comment. I couldnt recommend Patrick enough. He has a great eye and is VERY reasonably priced. "
" Patrick was a great coach, and I'd like to work with him again. However, I really think he needs to put his rate in bold in his profile. Currently, his profile says he reads for free with tip which is a bit disingenuous. "
" Patrick was super helpful & we knocked my scenes out fast! "
" Patrick was super helpful! I really appreciate all of the time he took with me to make the scenes come alive! "
" What a great and cool guy -- tons of coaching experience, and i really wanted some of that. friendly, direct, got right to it with some great suggestions. work with him! "
" Once again! I'm thrilled to call upon Patrick as a Coach - if you're reading this review go ahead and request! "
" Great Reader!! Would book again and again! Will help you get your best take. "
" Takes it very seriously. Read his bio. "
" There's a reason Patrick's reviews are filled with so much praise. He's well acquainted with the process and has a serious understanding of how to strip the scene layers away to reveal an authentic experience. If he's online - take advantage. Will definitely be working with him again. "
" Great coach and reader! "
" Wonderful! "
" Super efficient and productive. Thanks a bunch Patrick! "
" Incredible reader. Truly one that has changed my process and love for the craft of scene work! "
" Absolutely wonderful coach. I appreciate his deep approach the the work. I highly recommend working with him! "
" MASTER CLASS! An absolute blessing to have gotten to work with such a giving and knowing fellow actor. It was a true sense of play in simply being. THANK YOU!! Looking forward to working together again! "
" Love his energy, helped me to breakdown the script and I feel ready! "
" Phenomenal reader. Elevated my work so much. "
" Patrick is fantastic as always. Great reader, great human. Highly recommend! "
" Patrick is a thoughtful reader and coach. He let me work at my own pace and was considerate when giving notes. He gave me some helpful tech-tips to use once I edit my scene. He also provided some script analysis to help me hone in on the character. Patrick is a wealth of information, a generous scene partner, and above all a professional. Thank you, Patrick, for sharing your time and gifts with me. "
" Patrick is awesome. Committed to helping you discover all that you can out of a set of sides and get you a tape that you can be proud of. Thrilled to have worked with him tonight and excited to work with him again sometime soon. Thank you, Patrick!!! "
" Patrick is a phenomenal reader! Highly recommend! A++ "
" Patrick was an excellent reader. Takes you through thoughts for the scene. Makes sure your scene is nuanced. Thank you so much :) "
" Super awesome as usual. Great tips and patience when reading for me :) "
" Professional and super helpful! "
" BE MY AUTHENTIC SELF!!!! Breakthrough !!!!!!!! "
" Great stuff, gave some 180 notes which felt right. Thank you for the script analysis. "
" Huge help! Thank you Patrick! "
" Super awesome reader/ coach! Always help out with good advices and feedbacks "
" Excellent reader. Thank you. "
" Patrick KNOWS his stuff!! Very giving, knowledgeable and very honest. "
" AH-MAZING !! Thoughtful and intelligent help "
" Holy f*** so happy I came across Patrick. We meshed so well and he totally understood the scene, tone and style right off the bat. He is a pro and I really loved being around someone who was a step ahead of me to not only learn from. I left with a tape that I was proud of, along with many different ways to center myself and get me out of my head (which totally worked) He took my scene and brought it next level which I feel like with other coaches takes FOREVER. With Patrick it took an hour tops. I highly highly highly suggest booking a session with Patrick. "
" Great "
" Awesome audition! "
" Great reader! Really knows his stuff and super friendly! Would book again :) "
" Yooo! This man is genuine in wanting to get you to that special place mentally. Phenomenal coaching! He'll take the time to create a space to play and be fluid. Offers the best ideas to make the scene lively. A definite PRO at comedy. INCREDIBLE! "
" Patrick was amazing "
" The most brilliant reader who will really coach you through your scene and help you get to a truthful, grounded place. went way over time and he didn't even care. super appreciative of what you did for me patrick. and he does private coaching too!! hit. him. up. "
" Patrick is a world class coach. I am so luck to have clicked on him. WORK WITH HIM NOW! :) "
" Man! Patrick will get your Mind and Soul right. He helped me channel my anxious thoughts into my character. I also learned to remove bad habits I did in auditions. It made my scene choices stronger. CONFIDENT is what I felt!!! I'm ready ! It's booking season! "
" Awesome as usual! "
" Great advice and pays attention to minor details to help you perfect your take! "
" Awesome coach ! wow ! He helped me channel some recent pain and put it into the character . I was honest in my acting. I'm working with him next time!!!!!!!!! "
" My Life has been changed! My mind has been BLOWN! MY WORLD HAS BEEN SHAKEN!!!! Patrick you are EVERYTHING!!! "
" Thanks for everything! "
" Very great at keeping your performances grounded. Also a fantastic cold reader! "
" Wonderfully astute and a clear eye for story! book with Patrick! "
" The best of the best!!!! "
" Patrick is a rockstar, he helped me to breakdown the whole script. A lot of the part where I didn’t really get it, he helped me through the script to understand what’s between the lines. Super great reader, patience and overall an awesome session! "
" Patrick is the consummate professional, he provide expert useful advice to enhance my self-tape production. "
" Great READER and more than that! Great Acting Coach with inspiring well focused feedback! "
" Patrick was so awesome! He really goes there with you and offers generous suggestions. Thank you, Patrick! "
" Patrick is good. He helped with my audition, he has experience with the camera and in breaking down the character. Thanks! "
" Wow totally transformed my audition and I am so grateful!! "
" Really great! Great notes! Thank you. Lotsa insight. "
" Awesome reader! easy to work with! "
" Da right guy at da right time! "
" Patrick is an excellent reader who gives GREAT adjustments! True professional! "
" Patrick is a total gem.... Not only was he an amazing reader.. He is genuine and a true professional. His love and knowledge of the craft was extremely beneficial in helping me nail my audition. I would give him a TEN ... with gratitude ... "
" Amazing! Super helpful! "
" Amazing!!! A real Pro. So helpful. Thank you sir ! A+ "
" Patrick was excellent! He gave great direction that made my scenes stronger and was patient with me as I took the time to get in character. Highly recumbent a read with him! Thank you, Patrick! "
" Excellent on all fronts! "
" Pro! Killer notes and direction. "
" Amazing coaching and direction each and every time---Patrick's wit and intelligence make auditions flow with ease:)! "
" Patrick is wonderful reader and Supreb coach---Highly recommend "
" Patrick was an absolute pleasure to work with! Great reader and great direction to help me PLAY in the scene! "
" Really cares! Thank you so much so helpful!! "
" Patrick was great and had a lot of useful notes for my audition! Also very easy going and helped me loosen up and get into character!! "
" Simply amazing! "
" What a fabulous COACH !!!! He was amazing and so generous in teaching me and guiding me with great tips and explaining important nuances for my COMEDY scene. A very talented and generous professional. AMAZING COACH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I learnt what you really need to master, think and feel in delivering that COMEDY scene. What a generous and understanding human being too. Thank you Patrick !!!! "
" Lovely, talented, great energy, experienced! "
" WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing, book him "
" He was warm and at ease with all of the what was required of him. He helped me to get out of certain traps and shake the penny jar in a different way. He shared his expertise as well and that allowed me to stretch my character farther. He was an EXCELLENT READER!! "

Credits Include

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Untitled SLA Film (Paramount)
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Magnum: P.I.
TV Series
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Mr. Mayor
TV Series
2021 [IMDB]
Aidy Kane (Really Wants You to Love Him)
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Station to Station
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Dying for Control
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The Divergent Series: Insurgent - Shatter Reality
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Taylor Swift: Wildest Dreams
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Suck It
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The Badger Game
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Shadow Love
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Married and Counting
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The Love Triangle
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Good Knight
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Broken English
Bartender uncredited
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As the World Turns
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All My Children
TV Series
Aidy Kane
associate producer