Nicholas Endenburg

Needing a versatile reader? Options to help flesh out your character? I am happy to help, by providing you with some strong choices to really get some ideas flowing and help you progress with a character you feel confident in.

I have been studying and practicing for years, gaining experience from working with many fellow actors, and now I would love to help use that experience to work with you. In the past 4 years I have worked closely with some of the best theatre that the Adelaide Fringe has to offer, many of whom are internationally recognised. My studies at Flinders University have helped to develop my abilities to a professional level.

I would be able to help you really develop and flesh out a character by exploring their relationship with the scene partner. Sometimes its pacing, sometimes emotion, but always attempting some different, even weird approaches can find you a strong character. I know that working together, we can produce a product you are proud of, and I would be proud to have helped you develop it.

Nicholas (Nick) is a young and upcoming Australian-American actor, based in Adelaide, South Australia. Known for his piercing gaze, and strong voice, Nick has studied drama at Flinders University. He has been building his repertoire in both film and stage, with his recent credits including Ryan in short film "Intruders", and Justin Lazenby in Alan Ayckbourn's "RolePlay".

Agency: Freelance Phone: 0421 723 744 Email:

" Amazinggg skills this guy has!! So fun. "
" Really nice dude good reader "
" Nicholas was really nice and offered to stay past the time limit to help. I recommend him! "
" Excellent reader and coach. Provided different flavors of what I can work with. Thanks so much! "
" Awesome guy! "
" Gave me great advice! I feel a lot more comfortable with my role after talking to him. "
" Great! "

Credits Include

2021 [added]
Short Film
2021 [added]
2018 [added]
Kodomo No Hi Maid Cafe
Presenting Host
2017 [added]
AVCon Maid Cafe
Presenting Host
2017 [added]
The Legend of Yi
Short Film