Cesar Ramos

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Hey there, I'm Cesar :).
Bilingual in English / Spanish.

I've been working professionally for 15+ years and love meeting fellow actors/artists. I'm all about the audition and rehearsal process, and am here to be your eyes and ears to provide feedback if you'd like or simply give you a dynamic read. I'm thankful to be invited into your process and help you shine (lezzgooo!).

You can reach me via email or IG if you'd like to set something up in advance:
📸IG @mrceezr
📧 mrceezrr@gmail.com
✨Venmo @CeezR

** PS - if we work on something and you book it, I'd love to hear about it and celebrate your win!

Based in L.A. (my hometown!), I've been working for 15+ years across commercials, award-winning films + shorts, webseries, and of course, theater. I have also written and produced indie shorts along with being a character coach for first-time playwrights.

My training is diverse, ranging from acting conservatories with Mel Shapiro and Larry Biederman, training at UCB, creating my own sketch group, and most recently, honing my on-camera commercial technique with well known casting offices in L.A.

As a bilingual (English/Spanish) Latinx actor, I am grateful to be a part of the WeAudition community as we help each other in this crazy wonderful industry.

DDO Artists Agency - L.A. Commercial & Print

283 Reader Reviews

" Cesar made my first experience on WeAudition outstanding! I loved his suggestions and his guidance through the app. I would for sure work with him again in the future! Thank you, Cesar, it was a pleasure. :) "
" Cesar is a great reader! Helpful, understanding, and easy to work with! "
" Another great one! Thank you for your flexibility Cesar! "
" Ahhhh! soooo supportive omg. Can't thank you enough, Cesar! :) "
" Always so sweet and amazing! "
" Great reader! Helped me discover a good arc for the scene! "
" Thank you again and again. So helpful. Great reader ! A+ "
" This dude is awesome! "
" Cesar was great and very helpful! Definitely will be using him again. Thank you Cesar! "
" Always a pleasure. thank you again and again A+ "
" Great ! "
" Cesar is the best! Such a good reader, great instincts, friendly and kind. Looking forward to working with him again! "
" Thanks Cesar! Helped with short film audition. Loved his notes "
" Always amazing! "
" Fantastic Reader "
" 10/10. Patient and smart. "
" Always one of my go to readers! Amazing! "
" Ok, ya'll... Cesar rocks. Thought I just wanted a reader then started rehearsing with Cesar and he gave so many great suggestions. An absolute all-star. "
" So calm and patient. Great reader! "
" Fabulous! So much fun to work with! "
" I was a first-timer and got him too early. He was so eager to help, no ego and immediately helped me reschedule the session. "
" Great read. Cesar has good energy and he knows his stuff, excited to read with him again. "
" Cesar's the best. I always get excited when I see that he's online. So supportive and a wonderful actor. "
" THE BEST! He was extremely nice, patient and super helpful. Would book him a hundred times more!! "
" Cesar is absolutely incredible! Such a generous and east going reader! "
" Cesar Tocayo you are the Best!!!! "
" Cesar is awesome!! Super patient, supportive and energetic reader. "
" A really cool and thoughtful reader that seems to genuinely want to help you book the role, thanks Cesar! "
" Very warm, supportive reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome bilingual reader. "
" Always a good time with you Cesar. Thanks for the uplift, needed it today! "
" Amazing as always! My go to for all Spanish speaking auditions! "
" So invested in making my scene the very best. Very Patient! "
" HELPED me out yet AGAIN. This time for a feature film shooting in Miami. Thanks Cesar!!! "
" Love working with Cesar! "
" Fantastic! Worked on a multicam! "
" Texted Cesar and he was up for chiming in and helping with my self tape in spanish. Helped a million with direction and beats. THANKYOU!! "
" Cesar is fantastic and a good help. Really good on advice and other ideas for a suggestion. Good teacher. "
" Superb! Fantastic reader and invested in making the scene great. "
" Great energy. fun. "
" Cesar is such a great reader! Thanks Cesar for being so kind and helpful! "
" Great as always! "
" Always so great ! "
" Always great and amazing! "
" Cesa is a blast to work with "
" Always so great and so patient! "
" Cesar helped me put up a great audition. "
" Cesar was an awesome partner. I highly recommend, I definitely had a productive session. Will definitely be working with him again soon! "
" <3 "
" Awesome reader, great suggestions, really helped me get my audition on its feet! thank you :) "
" Great! "
" What a joy to work with. Made my job so easy because Cesar is interested in truly, sincerely connecting. "
" Wow! Smart, intuitive, efficient reader who really cares. Thank you, Cesar! Look forward to working with you more and again and again. "
" Great to work with! "
" Love Cesar. My absolute favorite guy to work with. So helpful and positive. "
" Fantastic! "
" Great as always! "
" He's great. Adding him to my favorites! "
" Always fun working with Cesar!!!! "
" Always such a great read with Cesar. So great at Cold Reads. Thank you again senior! "
" Cesar is a generous actor, very pleasant and low key who is also bi-lingual - which I needed for this specific audition! Great playing with you again! "
" Cesar brought great energy. Made for an awesome vibe! "
" Cesar is a rockstar! I loved his energy, and he gave great suggestions. "
" Amazing as always. good dude "
" One of the best readers and so good at making my scene nuanced. Thank you Cesar. "
" Amazing. Wonderful reader, patient, and just a cool human. Thanks Cesar! "
" Cesar always delivers. Thank you sir! Great session:) "
" Awesome "
" Cesar was great ! Really enjoyed playing around with the scene with him. "
" Cesar is very encouraging, positive and extremely helpful. "
" Cesar, you rock! Thanks so much for helping me with my audition today.! "
" Amazing!! Cesar does it again. MVP over here. helped me tape for a feature and got me in the ZONEEEEE. Cant say thank you enough <3 "
" Always a pleasure working with him! One of my Favs!!! "
" Mr. Moneybags Reader Cesar! Always a pleasure, and I ALWAYS get a better tape with his help. "
" Great reader! Super helpful :) "
" Amazing help in Spanish and English for my commercial audition. Not only did he help with my audition but he also assisted in workshopping an agent later Im soon to send. Very professional and knows the business. Definitely recommend!!! "
" Cesar was next level! He explored the scene with me for as long as I needed. He was very supportive and it was so much fun to work together. Thank you. "
" So so fun! Gives great feedback and energy to the read. "
" Guy accepted but never showed up on the camera "
" Lovely reader!! "
" Literally my fave!!! "
" Nothing better than an actor who is an awesome reader! THANK U!!! "
" Great energy and facial expressions. Cesar gave me so much to work off when running material before my class tonight! "
" Take 2 with Cesar today. Same project, different character. He brings out nuances in my performances I never even thought of! "
" Such a joy to work with this talented actor. Cesar helped me find different levels that made this scene sing!! "
" Ceasar was the best. wonderful actor, great patience along with helpful suggestions "
" Always great working with him!! "
" Super generous and GREAT at finding ways to color your scenes. Looking forward to working with Cesar again! "
" Great reader with great energy as always! Thanks Cesar!! "
" Cesar's awesome. Fun and has a great attitude! "
" Always a great session!! "
" Extremely helpful and supportive with a silly read involving sound effects. "
" Always a pleasure and a learning experience! "
" Cesar is amazing! "
" Amazing! Wonderful guy with so much energy and talent. Life-saver. Thank you! "
" Always fun to work with! "
" A+ reader ! Great ideas and fun to work with "
" Great reader!Gave good suggestions. "
" Awesome reader....really gets into the character and helps you get organic reactions. "
" Always great. Gave great notes to enhance my performance. Thank you! "
" Thanks Cesar! "
" Cesar is awesome! Highly recommend for all of your self tapes! "
" I enjoy working with Cesar as a reader and asking him for advice on my scenes. He has great ideas. "
" Literally so great! Amazing energy and tips during my self-tape. Will 100% work with him again in the future! "
" Cesar is awesome to work with! "
" Cesar is freakin' amazing. His notes to elevate the scene are SO GOOD. And a naturally great reader. "
" Excellent collaborator. "
" Tocayooo Graciasss por esa gran ayudaaa, Amazing your help like always. "
" Awesome as always. Great partner, such a nice guy "
" Cesar is a great reader and gave lots of great feedback. He's also a great director! "
" Always a pleasure. A major major help. I have quotes from him on my script. "
" Cesar is the BEST! "
" What a pro!! Great notes, loved our session, will definitely look for Cesar next time I'm here. "
" Cesar is an excellent and friendly reader, and he gives great input and is ready to help make thue takes the best possible. "
" Superb reader! Very helpful and a joy to work with! "
" The best reader! So supportive, great actor and gave feedback that really elevated my work. Thank you, Cesar!! "
" Great reader!! Gave some great insight and brought a wonderful energy! "
" Great reader, with a super chill, casual vibe and great notes and ideas. Loved that Cesar asked if he could give me a note. And, I'm over here like, Um YES please! So considerate and helpful. 10/10 would recommend. "
" Very nice and a very good reader "
" Cesar is an awesome reader, he gave me great notes and has such a fun sense of humor! "
" Great reader with great energy, and had some wonderful suggestions to try out. "
" Cesar is my go to when I have an audition. Love working with him "
" Amazing help My bro!! Thanks a lot "
" Great run through ! "
" What a gem! Patient through all the tech difficulties and so supportive. "
" Cesar was very patient as I worked through technical issues! very good command of script and voices, thank you!! "
" Second time working with him, OMG so awesome! I love the fact that he is very invested in my auditions and will help me think of actions and ways to make my auditions better. Thanks Cesar! "
" Awesome guy, reader, coach, and friend! Thanks so much Cesar!! "
" Thank you for being open and play! "
" Really amazing reader / suggestion-giver / actor! Felt like there were a few people in the room, but it was just his expert reading of the sides. Thank you, Cesar! Let's do it again soon. "
" Love Cesar! Highly recommend:) "
" Cesar was great! We just did a quick session but accomplished everything we needed to. Highly recommend and will be working with him again soon :) "
" Ceasar rocks as always! Great advice on this read. Thank you sir "
" Tocayoooo Eres es el mejor!!!! You are the best!!! "
" Wonderful and talented reader! Gave awesome tips and collaborated. "
" Fantastic reader! Cesar gives his undivided attention and professional advice on every take. Love working with this guy. Will definitely request him again. "
" Cesar was a gem! Such great energy & lovely to work with. Would definitely work with him again! "
" Cesar was wonderful. Professional, warm, quick to grab the scene and supportive. Highly recommend! "
" Wow wow wow SUCH A SUPPORTIVE GIVING READER. Great redirects and so kind! "
" It's so much fun to work with Cesar. Thank you for your awesomeness. "
" My go to guy "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic Reader. Will definitely work again "
" One of the BEST commercial scene partners I've ever worked with! Cesar instantly dialed into the material and offered greats suggestions and insights that helped make the sides pop. Would absolutely love to work with him again!! "
" Another great session with Cesar! Great vibes! "
" Cesar was wonderfully helpful. I needed a reader who could offer some coaching and suggestions along the way. He had helpful tips to share and observations that made a big difference for my takes. Highly recommend! "
" Let Cesar be your reader! He let me play around with the scene and then offered some ideas that I hadn't thought of. Superb! "
" Awesome reader. Loved him. "
" Cesar gives the best feedback and reads!!! "
" Such a game player! Ready to explore with you and give you what you need. "
" My new FAVE!!! "
" It was a joy working with Cesar! "
" <3 "
" Cesar always delivers! Great cold reader! Such a joy working with him. Thank you sir. "
" This was my first experience using WeAudition and I couldn't have asked for a better reader! Cesar was incredibly friendly, professional, and patient. The notes he gave were so helpful and it elevated the takes to another level. Fantastic self-taping session all around! "
" Great cold reader; picks up the vibe of the scene fast. Also very patient and friendly, & makes any adjustment you want! "
" Thank you Cesar! really gave some awesome insights for my self tape "
" Thank you for your help and positive attitude! I appreciate you Cesar! "
" Great tips! "
" Really motivating! "
" Worked on my audition with Cesar today and it was fantastic! Great reader and a pleasure to work with. "
" Cesar You are The Best!!!! Thanks a Lot!!! "
" My go to guy "
" Brings great authenticity and a bit of swag. "
" Thank you! "
" Always a great reader with great suggestions! Really breaks down the script and notices things I didn't before hand!! Highly recommend him! "
" Cesar rocks as always! Thank you again sir! "
" Always great to work with Cesar!!! "
" Fantastic!!! So supportive :) "
" Great working with Cesar! "
" Extremely kind, patient, great feedback, and willing to do whatever I needed to get the take! "
" Awesome and helpful! "
" Always so great. So helpful. Such a great scene partner. Thank you sir!!! "
" Cesar was awesome! Chill friendly guy who was open to do the audition in any way I felt comfortable. "
" Great reader!!!! "
" Always the greatest! Thanks again! "
" My go to guy "
" Amazing once again! "
" Super cool and amazing read! "
" Amazing, as always. Thank you, Cesar. "
" Amazing x2! "
" Cesar is my new fave... He always has amazing suggestions that make my tapes top notch! "
" Cesar is a very insightful actor and a fun scene partner to read with! We talked shop for a bit and first we tried to pin down the genre of the piece. Next we read the scene then discussed super-objectives and obstacles. Cesar rightly identified that there should be a change in the character from the beginning of the scene to the end so we identified where the change occurred from light-hearted to intense. He made the great suggestion of working with the props and light blocking in the stage directions to facilitate the non-verbal communication happening in the scene. By the time we had read a few more times, I had the scene completely memorized. I highly recommend working with Cesar! "
" Amazing reader with great energy and great suggestions! "
" Ceaser is a master at cold reading. So great you guys! Book him!!! "
" Great reader, skilled good energy1 "
" He's absolutely one of my favourites on here!! So much fun to work with, gets straight to business and does everything he can to help you as an actor and to elevate the scene. Book him any chance you get! "
" Caesar was great!!! "
" Cesar was great! He provided helpful and useful feedback. "
" Cesar brings the A Game to your tape, with great advice to guide your scene with helpful nuances. "
" Always aweome, master cold reader "
" Cesar is truly a GREAT READER!!!!! He had great suggestions and we ended up with a phenomenal take. "
" Cesar is lovely: Jovial, helpful and friendly! I appreciate his support in getting my scene up to scratch :) "
" Wonderful reader! Asks great questions for the scene. "
" Very helpful "
" Cesar is a great reader and provided amazing feedback for my single cam comedy audition. "
" YAY CESAR!!! once again such great fun tossing the scenes around with you:) "
" Cesar is amazing, gave some really great directions and choices. Highly recommend!!! "
" Really great reader. Really patient and gave me so much to work with. "
" He is awesome. Awesome partner. It's so great to work with you Cesar "
" Kind & generous actor - great fun to read with him! "
" Cesar was the perfect reader for my audition. He was light-hearted yet focused, easy to connect with, plus he had actionable notes for adjustments. "
" Thank you Cesar. So fun and lovely to have your help!Lots of great tips and notes. merci "
" Super patient and personable - great fun to read with this skilled humble actor!!! "
" OH. MY. GOD. Pick Cesar!!! He was SO MUCH FUN to read with, gave me great ideas when I felt like my scene wasn't working, and just made the whole experience awesome. THANK YOU CESAR!!! "
" Cesar is always great guys. Awesome cold reader. A real Pro Thank you again sir "
" Cesar: language coach, fight choreographer, scene partner, acting coach extraordinaire. A complete pleasure to work with and really valuable feedback. Thank you so much, Cesar!!! "
" Had SO much fun having you as my reader! best pirate reader for sure! Fully recommended! "
" Great reader and super nice and patient! "
" <3 "
" I loved reading with Cesar! "
" MVP! I love working with Cesar! One of my go-to readers! "
" Cesar was so wonderful! Super friendly, gave great notes and was super easy and fun to work with! "
" Great as always, thanks! "
" Excellent and warm coach and reader. Very intelligent. "
" Ceasar is always so great. A real pro! Thank you again sir! "
" Great reader! Very nice and picks up the scene fast "
" Supportive, insightful, and overall cool dude. Highly recommend "
" Super helpful and supportive!! "
" Amazing reader!!! So helpful! "
" Cesar was amazing! Wonderful energy, super kind, positive reader! Thank you so much! "
" He is awesome. So friendly and such a great reader and partner. Enjoyed working with him "
" Excellent comedic timing. I had to use Cesar for a self tape that required improv and Cesar gave me great nuggets to work with:) "
" Cesar is amazing!!! Did a bunch of scenes for a commercial. And his energy was great! Great actor with awesome comedic timing. Book him! "
" Such an awesome reader!! So chill, patient, willing to help, and generous with his time and insight. Thanks a ton Cesar!! "
" Cesar is a real pro. Great reader and positive energy. Always a pleasure to read with. Thank you sir! "
" Was game for a weird request. Willing to play and super helpful. "
" Great dude! "
" Great help! Thank you! "
" Amazing Help Thanks Brother "
" Amazing Reader, Thanks Brooooo!!!! Great Help!!! Really appreciate it! "
" Great energy, great help and great cold read & adjustments! "
" Amazing!! thank you "
" Great as usual! one of my go-to readers! I love this guy! "
" What a nice guy! Great reader and excellent feedback. Cesar helped me find all the right colors for this scene. "
" Very helpful "
" First time working with Cesar! He's a delightful actor to work with, he goes straight to scene analysis and nails it. BOOK HIM! "
" Great suggestions, very collaborative and easy to work with! "
" Nice person and very helpful "
" Cesar was super! He suggested a couple of very subtle changes that were perfect. "
" Great reader!!! So much fun to work with !! "
" It was my first time using weaudition, and Cesar was an incredible reader!! He is very generous, patient, open, and fun! Highly recommend!! "
" Excellent reader! Gave great feedback and was fun to work with. "
" Once more, so much helpful insights! GRACIAS! "
" Great reader and pleasant to work with. "
" Great! So easy to work with! "
" Cool dude. Told me he is, "Here to serve." Those are his words. "
" Cesar is the man! "
" Cesar was an amazing reader. He provided great feedback and really helped me transform my audition to the next level! "
" So wonderful to work with! "
" Amazing! Amazing! I had such a great experience working with Cesar. He helped me bring the best out of my performance. He was super patient and took the time to ask what he could do to help me in the scene. I will definitely be back for future auditions! "
" Cesar was a gracious reader and perfect for the role in the sides I presented to him. "
" GREAT as always!!! So helpful, thank you thank you! "
" Cesar was very insightful and open to share his knowledge. Thank you! "
" Loved Cesar's enthusiasm and energy! Great to read with, thanks so much! "
" Really comfortable reader and very funny! "
" Round 2! Thank you for being so patient! Guys book him!!! He is amazing and so patient. "
" Super great guy! He is a great reader who caught on to the scene quickly and was willing to play. He also looked at at the scene from different angles! "
" Excellent to work with! Gave great suggestions and helped me bring additional layers to the scene. Good energy and all around nice guy. Highly recommend! "
" Great ideas for the scene!! "
" Cesar is a great reader. "
" Fun, playful reader! "
" Great to work with, highly recommend! "
" Awesome work!~ Thanks Cesar! "
" Great reader and awesome energy "
" Fun stuff "
" Wonderful "
" Awesome reader, super fun and helpful :) "
" Very helpful and patient. "
" Cesar was awesome he really listened to me and what I needed and helped me as we went through the reads. He was really fun to have as a reader and helped me mellow out during my audition especially since it was my first time using weaudition 😊 definitely will recommend for anyone who is needing a cool reader that really cares. "
" Cesar is the best!!! So great you guys! Thank you sir! "
" Cesar is a great reader guys! Book him!!!! A real pro "
" Cesar is awesome to work different scenes with! We tried it many different ways and he stayed over the time we even intended until I felt good about what we had taped! Thank you so much and cant wait to work together again! "
" Cesar was the best! Very articulate and great character skills! Would definitely work with him again! :) "
" Cesar was great! Lots of fun, great ideas, and generous. "
" Amazing reader. Very giving and a great team mate. "

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