Morgan Sydnee


I am an actor based in LA. I have had extensive training from On-Camera to Theatre, so I will be able to aid you as an actor instead of hindering your performance with stilted dialogue.

We can work on whatever you need; self-tapes, coaching, running lines, auditions, analyzing text. I am here to help YOU and give you the best take possible so you can BOOK! I actually work on scenes and monologues every day of the week so I am ready and willing to work. I am patient and will follow your lead; if you want feedback or suggestions, I will happily share some ideas. If not, I will happily listen and have you communicate exactly what you need from me, so you are pleased with the final product.

I also have a knack for dialects and can currently do British RP, Irish, New York, Russian, French, Italian, and Southern at the moment.

With extensive musical theatre training/experience, I am able to help work on acting a song, vocal technique, rhythm reading, etc on all styles of music! Just send me a message beforehand with the sheet music so I can be better prepared.

When I'm not wearing my acting hat, I love to cook, play piano, read, and play with my 15-year-old cat.

If I'm not on you can email me at or message through Instagram @morgansydnee.

Venmo- @Morgan-Sydnee


Morgan is an actor and musical theatre performer who just made the move from NYC to LA. She has performed in many short films, musicals, and plays. Living in NYC, Morgan had extensive training in musical theatre (AMDA and Trapper Felides) and voice (Marishka Wierzbicki) as well as renowned instruction in tv/film-acting based in LA with Jeffrey Marcus and Sydney Walsh at BGB Studio. Having a knack for dialects, thanks to the dialect coaching of Bob Corff, Morgan is able to authentically perform the following dialects: British RP, Irish, New York, Italian, French, Southern, and Russian, German, and Australian with more on the way!

When I'm not wearing my acting hat, I love cooking, reading, playing piano, and playing with my 15-year-old cat.

Contact Info: Email: Phone- 215-450-1134 Commercial Rep: Eris Talent Agency, Tatiana Williams (

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