Monica Furman

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Hi there!

So excited to be your reader. A little bit about me...

BFA in Theatre Performance, Chapman University
UCLA Extension, Post-Grad Cert in TV Writing
Two Year Program, Anthony Abeson
Mezzo-Belt, Alexa Green Voice
Rodenburg Shakespeare, Erin Roth
Lee Strasberg Young Actors Program (6 Years)

Comfortable with:
Classical text, improvisation, tv sides, feature film auditions

American English. Natively fluent in Russian.

I am currently a reader at One on One NYC. I've also been an associate producer on an off-Broadway play. Additionally, I create my own short films that have toured the festival circuit.

Did someone order spunky with a sensitive side? Monica Furman is an actor and filmmaker based in New York City (Chicago and Los Angeles local hire). She is natively fluent in Russian.

Did someone order spunky with a sensitive side? Monica Furman is an actor and filmmaker based in New York City (Chicago and Los Angeles local hire). She is natively fluent in Russian.

Renu Chawla @ Vamos Talento

181 Reader Reviews

" Monica was super helpful and gave me lots of great notes that massively helped the scene come to life. Can't wait to work with her again! "
" Monica is lovely! book her :) "
" Monica was great! So easy to work with and nice! "
" Great reader, super sweet!! "
" So friendly and supportive and provided great notes! Would def work with her again. "
" Awesome energy!!! "
" Excellent reader! Insightful and easy to play off of. I'd love to work with her again anytime! "
" Monica is EXCELLENT!!! Thank you so much! She's a fabulous reading and very sweet. Great tips as well and knows her shows!! "
" Monica is so fun and chill and she GETS IT! Gave me several variations on her readings and is very natural. Love her. "
" Amazing Reader. Thank you soo much for the feedback!! :) "
" Monica brought great energy to the read, and provided a lot of useful feedback to help level up my self tape submission. Would definitely work with her again! "
" A pleasure Monica!! Thank you! Helpful input :D "
" Monica is an awesome and enthusiastic reader! "
" Super patient and helpful! Amazing reader! "
" Fabulous patient helpful reader. Thank you Monica:) "
" Wonderful, wonderful reader. And if you ever need a writing partner, she ain't bad at that either. "
" Monica delivers everytime. Nice reading with her again! "
" Monica had excellent suggestions, look forward to working with her again! "
" Such a great reader and super fun to work with! Gave great advice as well! Totally recommend Thank you Monica! "
" Monica is the best hype girl!!! Thank you for your support and ideas! "
" So lovely! "
" Awesome reading!!! Professional. Knowledgeable "
" Helpful and quick (had a time limit so that was really helpful!) "
" EXCELLENT!!!! Thank you so much for the great energy and positivity encouragement and great feedback! "
" OMG What a great reader!!!!!!!!! "
" Monica was great! Gave me some awesome notes and overall made me feel more confident with the scenes "
" Monica is an excellent reader! Book her! "
" Always a pleasure. Thanks! "
" Great help, particularly with Russian accent I need work on "
" Monica is lovely and a wonderful reader! Thank you! "
" Always lovely to work with! She gets it ;) "
" Yay! Monica is the best. Thanks! "
" Thank you!! "
" Fantastic as always! "
" One of the best readers out there, made it a pleasure to go over the lines. Not easy. "
" Monica is a very supportive and generous reader. Always happy to have her as a reader. "
" Monica was such a supportive reader "
" Great reading with Monica "
" Positive, encouraging, and a great reader! Y'all book Monica! :) "
" Great ideas!! "
" Monica is ready to rock whatever you need. "
" Just fantastic. "
" Excellent reader!! "
" We go way back. Writing partners. She's awesome. Lolz "
" Monica helped me do a thorough, quick self-tape audition. I’d hire her again without a doubt! Thank you, Monica! "
" Very eager to help me out with getting a good recording. lovely to work with. "
" Monica is always very supportive and give great feedback "
" Great rreader! "
" Great! "
" Great reader. Great suggestions that helped my scene shine. "
" Great reader "
" Very Patient and observant. Offer great tips. Greater reader! "
" THANK YOU! Monica is fire. I had so much energy in my audition, and I worked off her so well. "
" Awesome reader. Thank you! "
" Great reader "
" Wonderful! 10 stars! "
" Amazing reader!! "
" Gave me a terrific set of notes, thank you for your excellent ideas. "
" Monica is great... as always "
" Awesome read and feedback "
" Great reader!! "
" The internet didn't want us to work together but we did and had a great time. Thank you Monica. "
" Wonderful "
" Excellent! "
" Monica is awesome!! Super patient with some excellent feedback! Just what I needed to get a tape done.Thank you so much!!! "
" AMAZING as always! "
" So sweet "
" Great reader "
" Lovely girl. Good reader. Easy to work with, too! "
" Thank you so much Monica for helping me prep for my audition. "
" Monica was fabulous! Very friendly and professional, she gave great notes that helped me get 3 different solid takes! Book them!! "
" Monica is AMAZING! So so supportive, and really hyped me up and got me going! She had great notes that really made the scene pop 10/10 will be back! Thank youuu "
" She's excellent!! "
" Monica is fun, kind and attentive. Great improvisor. Jumps right into it "
" Fantastic work, thank you thank you. "
" I did a quick audition taping and it was super easy and helpful! Great reader, thanks! "
" Monica is a great reader! Super kind and easy to work with "
" Honestly one of the best! Extremely patient and helpful! You Saved me! "
" Help "
" Wonderful fantastic perfection of a reader! Thank you so much Monica!! "
" Lovely reader! would def work w monica again! thanks monica "
" Shes awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the encouragement!!!!!!!! "
" Thank you! "
" Very patient & kind! Thank you:) "
" So fun and playful. great time exploring character. "
" Great reader! "
" Monica is fantastic! Thanks for being so helpful with something that was on short notice. "
" Amazing reader!!! "
" She was the absolute best! Her advice was so helpful, and I was in a rush, so she helped me get it done super fast. Grateful! "
" Great with help. awesome and pushing me further. takes time to understand and she seems to care "
" Really supportive and provides great guidance without spoon feeding! Great insights and direction :) "
" Gr8!! "
" Great feedback "
" Wow. A real actress and superb reader! Will be back. "
" Always great! "
" Super fun to work with and had some wonderful suggestions for each take. will definitely work with her again! "
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" YAY! Best reader ever. "
" Very personable and kind, she immediately puts you at ease. Also was great at collaborating with! "
" Monica was the best! So encouraging and an excellent reader! "
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" Great reader, kind young woman. Always a pleasure! Thanks, Monica. "
" Absolutely amazing! Very kind and gave great advice! Lovely person to work with! "
" Super helpful and fun to work with! Great insights into text analysis "
" Monica is great. Really appreciate her "
" Amazing reader. Gave me the most helpful notes too. Thank you, Monica. "
" So patient and had great energy! Gave a great tip to help me really get my lines down 10/10 "
" Kind, Warm, Lovely, Helpful, thanks! "
" Awesome reader, great energy that really helped me stay engaged throughout the scene. A true professional, would highly recommend her. "
" Monica is Fan-Freaking-Tastic!! I had a tough audition with lots of movement and direction and she nailed it as my Reader!!! Thank you!!! "
" Monica was very helpful. Gave good feedback and was very supportive "
" Insightful reader with GREAT notes!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Legit perfect reader!! so cool and laid back and excellent! "
" We literally were just reading lines for my class but Monica gave me such great notes and feedback throughout. Would definitely read with her for a tape or even more class notes, she's great! "
" Great reader. SO helpful. "
" Monica was a very patient and supportive reader "
" The best as always "
" Monica is a very good reader, director, actor, she is so patient, passionate and professional, I truly recommend her!!! "
" Monica is great. Amazing reader with good energy and very insightful and helpful notes. Thank you! "
" Thanks so much for your help!! :) "
" She's terrific! Loved her energy and her read. Will call upon her again. "
" So great and so much fun! Professional but really chill and very helpful! "
" Amazing energy. Jumped right in. gave great feedback. will definitely book again. "
" Fantastic reader! Genial and gave spot-on notes. "
" Super helpful! Gave a lot of really great notes. "
" Monica is awesome reader! Great tips! Beautiful personality as well! Thank you!! "
" Great reader! Was very patient with me and gave such detailed direction which I really needed since I'm not skilled with the specific type of comedy that was needed. Thank you so much for your all your tips + direction, it was greatly appreciated! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Great!! "
" She was wonderful!! "
" She was wonderful!! "
" Monica was present and very fun to read with! "
" Awesome, as always!! "
" Great reader "
" Great reader! THANK YOU!! "
" Monica is. an excellent reader and a pleasure to work with. "
" Wonderful reader, very helpful! "
" Excellent notes! Thank you Monica "
" Thank you!! "
" Sweet & patient reader!! "
" I wish I could give her 6 stars! "
" Great reader. Awfully spunky! "
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" Great reader. Great suggestions. Easy to work with. Highly recommended. "
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" Monica is amazing. Good suggestions and fabulous energy. Great insights. "
" Great reader! "
" SOOOO lovely to work with!! "
" Awesome reader and super feedback!! "
" Great energy and lovely reader! "
" Super helpful and sweet. "
" Friendly and helpful! Great knowledge of the industry and of casting. "
" Monica was so helpful and insightful! "
" Excellent coaching ! Monica knows her stuff. I highly recommend her. "
" Ah, what a joy and what great ideas! Thanks for being perfectly what I was looking for! "
" Amazing reader!! I super recommend her ! "
" Great reader! She jumped right on board and helped me knock out a self-tape quickly and confidently. "
" Monica was such a joy to work with! Patient, easy going and gave me all the room to do my thing. Love working with her ! "
" Monica is so sharp and such a joy to work with. They provided me with amazing tips on memorization and scene analysis that helped the scene pop. "
" Lovely, quick and kind! "
" Always a pleasure to work with! "
" Awesome reader "
" Monica is AMAZING 🤩 Awesome reader - wonderful input to keep you in the moment! She is a PRO!! 🌟 "
" Really, really liked reading with her. Will favorite her! Good vibes... "
" It was great working with Monica! She was patient with me and made sure we put together something that I was really proud of. Thanks! "
" Friendly, positive, kind and easygoing! "
" Super helpful!!! "
" Monica was a terrific reader and gave insightful feedback. "
" Great notes on the writing! "
" Thanks again for your time and talent "
" Great reader, and lovely to work with! "
" Great reader with a very easy going energy. Helped me run lines, and had some great suggestions when we were discussing the scene. Thanks, Monica! "
" Monica a very quick at understanding the script. Great cold reader! Thank you so much! "
" So sweet! Listens well, is patient, and has great feedback! "
" Great read..Great suggestion! Thank you! "
" Monica knows her stuff. She is able to zero in on what the scene is about and give great suggestions along the way. I highly recommend her! "
" Amazing Monica!!! Thank you so much!!!! I loved your directions!!! Awesome!!! :) "
" Monca was a great reader! She had lots of nice insight for blocking and tone of the scene. "
" Super sweet great reader! "

Credits Include

2019 [IMDB]
The Drop Off
2018 [IMDB]
2014 [IMDB]
Falling Out
2009 [IMDB]
One for Sorrow