Milda Gecaite..

Hey, I'm Milda and I will be your reader today :)

When I am not working on set, in theatre or auditioning, I run a Self-Tape Lab studio in NYC. I help actors break down their sides, read with them and coach if need be.
Helping actors with their work is inspiring and humbling and that's what's it all about as we're all in this Together.

So grab your sides and see ya on the flip side! :)

IG: Milda_gecaite

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Thank you all!

Milda Gecaite is a Lithuanian born, NYC based Actor and Ballroom/Latin dancer. She made her stage debut in the North American premiere of “Dirty Dancing: the classical story on stage” in Toronto. She went on to venture into Film/TV landing her first lead role in “The Pin” in which her performance was described as “...a revelation” by The New York Times. Recently Milda appeared in “Un Traductor” (Cuba’s official entry for the Academy Awards 2020; Sundance'18 )(Amazon Prime, iTunes, Starz); “Hot
Air” (Amazon Prime, Youtube, Vudu); “Private Eyes” (ION; Global TV; Amazon Prime). Her other stage credits include: “Stop this Train” (dir. Larry Moss) and “Down The Road” as Iris Henniman.

Agent: Danielle Coleman (DBA Agency)

149 Reader Reviews

" Loved working with Milda! Great help/feedback/playfulness on a commercial audition. "
" Milda gives such great feedback, and is a really great actress and scene partner. She's really committed to getting a great performance. "
" Milda is an awesome reader and coach. She helped me get more specific with my audition and provided really grounded support through our session! "
" Milda is amazing !!! such great advice and awesome reader. super happy, got great tapes. "
" Such a great reader! "
" Amazing! "
" Twice in one day. all i gotta say "
" Thanks Milda! She not only helped me run lines but gave notes on my read and how to make a choice in the scene. Thank you! "
" Geat! Really helped me breakdown my audition and find the life within "
" Will definitely work with again!! "
" Great notes and energy! Really helped me break down the script and pick buttons that made such a difference. Just wonderful. Thanks sooooo much!, "
" Super helpful with a quick memorization session. Thanks! "
" A+ reader! so so so supportive and fun to work with! "
" Great reader and great notes! Super fun and got the job done! "
" Thank you so much for your help. You had really good notes, and helped me get to a good place for my scene. "
" Absolutely fantastic!! a real pro super easy to work with and great ideas ty!! "
" Just a phenomenal talent married to a kind and warm spirit. I couldn’t ask for anything more. "
" Phenomenal talent married to a kind and patient soul. Couldn’t ask for more "
" A+ reader! "
" She was such a fantastic reader!! So patient, gave great feedback. Book this lady!!! "
" Miles was wonderful, she gave precise feedback and was a quick study with the character and script. "
" Milda was fantastic! Great conversation about character and the story! A super natural. Thank you! "
" Milda was great! "
" Love her "
" I love working with milda !!! "
" Milda is great at script analysis and obviously a great reader. Thank you for your help :) "
" Always the best "
" Methodical in the way you need someone to be, gives great feedback and script analysis, will forsure come back!!! "
" She is so helpful and AMAZING!! "
" Amazing experience!! Loved working with her! "
" Maaaan that session got deep - thank you so much Milda for helping me to take that scene in directions I could not have managed by myself - you are awesome! x "
" Amazing reader. Gave me such helpful adjustments too and kept me at ease. "
" Love her so much! Will use again😝 "
" Flexible, helpful, awesome! "
" Great tips for bringing the scene to life! "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" Great to work with! Will be hiring again! "
" Great reader. Enjoyed the session with Milda. Would work with her again "
" Milda was fantastic! "
" Thanks Milda, Great Reader! "
" Fun ! "
" Milda was wonderful to work with. She's a better sight-script-analyst than I, and gave me several good ideas on my character's "character." We'll be taping our work over the weekend. "
" Great reader for a last minute self-tape. Helped get the job done and was very patient. Thank you Milda! "
" Milda was great. helped me get down my dialogue that was giving me trouble "
" I don't know if there is enough space in this box to say all the Wonderful things I want to say about Milda. She is a superstar, works so hard to get the scene where it needs to be, and does it all with such patience, grace, kindness, and ease that I can't not work with her when she's on. Thank you so much for always creating a comfortable environment! "
" Great suggestions! Really tkes the time to help you go through everything. "
" Such a pro "
" Always wonderful working with Milda. She loves exploring and brings great perspectives. One of my go to peeps! "
" Awesome and super helpful! "
" Awesome. Simply awesome! "
" I love working with Milda. Her energy is calming and her suggestions are great. She’s a very talented actor and reader. "
" STAR "
" Great reader and notes "
" Amazing! Helpful! Highly recommend "
" Great reader and had good notes too! "
" Amazing reader and coach, as always, and what a wonderful human being... Thank you so much, Milda "
" Excellent reader. Used her twice in one day… she’s just that good! "
" Milda is awesome! She’s so great a scene analysis. Her notes really helped me drop into the character. I’ll definitely use her again. "
" Great reader! Really worked the scene. "
" So comfortable, amazing notes and wants you to book it!!! "
" Milda is great - really helpful notes and brilliant reader and just awesome person "
" So patient! Generous with her time, her artistry, and her specific and helpful notes! Helped pull me out of doubt and to get a take I'm proud to send! "
" GREAT!! "
" Milda was amazing!!! She really helped me get the most out of my scene. There are so many wonderful takes to choose from. I would highly recommend her. "
" Such great feedback! "
" Thanks for your time "
" Excellent!! "
" Lots of helpful notes! "
" Loved every minute of working with her. She’s sharp and gives great notes. Definitely helped take my audition up a notch. 10/10 would highly recommend! "
" Awesome reader! Kind, helpful, and great notes!Thank you! "
" Great reader with great ideas and a grasp on the material ! "
" Gilda is the best. not an easy scene and she helped so much. I highly recommend to work with her "
" Super helpful! Amazing energy! Definitely will work with her again soon! "
" Milda, as always, bringing the strong support to get my audition up to speed! Grateful :) "
" Always great working with Milda, fun and hugely productive. Highly recommended. "
" Always fun working with Milda! She's sharp and loves digging into a work! Book her! "
" Very fun thank you so so much for improving and discovering ideas with me "
" Freaking awesome! So professional and gives great feedback. "
" Cannot sing Milda's praises enough. She totally helped workshop my scene that I was working on which made me much more comfortable with the piece. Brilliant and fun to work with. Book her. "
" Milda is so fun to work with, super helpful, and really cares about the work. She's all in with you. Book her! "
" Milda is literally awesome. Loved working with her. Probably my favorite reader thus far, and I've had some good ones. Great feedback - all asked for. Really go with the flow as well. Thank you Milda! "
" So helpful as always! "
" Lovely reader and person! :) "
" She is so warm and gave amazing suggestions! Thanks Milda! "
" Great reader and great help! "
" Great, supportive reader who came up with lots of ideas to create a compelling story & character. thank you, Milda! "
" Milda is helpful, smart, savvy and a great reader "
" She is so great and gave such amazing feedback! thank you Milda! "
" Thank you! Milda is an awesome reader and loved her suggestions! "
" Really helped me break down a crazy scene! so friendly! "
" Milda helped me rehearse a tricky audition and gave me so many great and creative ways into the scene! I'm feeling energized and confident about my exploration, and what I'm going to discover about this character. Great coach with a great, positive energy :) "
" Again, such a sweetie! So supportive and kind. Thanks Milda! "
" Milda is kind, supportive and intuitive. I so appreciate the perspectives she gave me on my scene. It all adds to the richness of the performance of it. Thanks Milda! "
" Milda was a great reader! So helpful and really understood my piece. "
" 5 star reader and brilliant insight to the audition process. "
" Milda is such a generous and warm-spirited reader. SO enjoyed getting to work with her and am sure to be back! "
" Spot on with her comments and encouragement! "
" Very helpful. "
" Awesome Awesome Human!!! Dove into the work and got it, right away - In a high intensity scene, Milda had me grounded. Even had different ways of doing the scene to ground it even more, just different styles, this is rare! Highly recommend working with Milda - Truly! Thank you for everything! "
" Excellent reader <3 "
" <3 "
" Phenomenal "
" She's amazing! Plays with the scene and characters and makes you feel very comfortable ! "
" This woman will find you levels!! Brought to mind lots of questions I hadn't considered. A+ "
" Lovely and helpful! "
" Milda was so fun to work with and really sweet!! :) "
" Milda was awesome as always!! "
" Milda is a wonderful reader - super warm, friendly, and helpful! "
" Shes the best. So helpful and plays with the scene with you until you feel great about the audition! "
" Gave me great insight on the text that I was working on! Really helped me focus in on story telling. "
" Milda is AMAZING! I used her for 2 different self tapes so far and will 100% using her again soon. "
" She is so much fun! Lighthearted! Warm personality! "
" Milda was AMAZING to work with for my self tape and gave great direction that helped me so much. 10/10! "
" Milda is THE BEST! She did such amazing improv with me and flowed with me in my scene so well. It was so clear she cares to help out and wants you to succeed! I can't wait to use her as my reader again :) "
" Really thinks about the scene you're working on. Lots of ideas. Fun to work with!! "
" Great read, great actor, pleasure to work with! Thank you! "
" Milda was so kind and patient. She was great at breaking down the scenes with me and really pushed me to get the best takes possible. Thanks for all of your help today! "
" Milda was amazing! Her feedback was wonderful and she was so patient working with me. Thank you! "
" A delightful talented reader! I loved working with Milda, I feel amazing about myself tape! "
" Such a pleasure to work with you! Thank you Milda! Great reader. "
" Amazing! I had a really creative scene and she went above and beyond with me. "
" My favorite reader "
" Milda is great! She provides a comfortable environment and has great skills in reading. "
" She is really good. Helped me find the emotional arc in the script. "
" So great. So easy to work with. Great with suggestions and has a great eye. "
" One of my faves "
" Great advice!!! She helped me greatly, appreciate it Milda "
" Absolute best "
" Amazing! So helpful and gives such good feedback! "
" Amazing reader! Really takes the extra mile with you which is great! "
" Great reader! "
" Great "
" I mean, she got me off book in like 10 mins.. She's great and you won't regret it. "
" I had so much fun :) Thank you Milda! "
" Amazing work! Very talented reader and great actor. Thank you "
" Amazing!!! "
" Milda gave so much as a reader it helped me understand the scene much more deeply. Very grateful for that. "
" Needed to put down a self tape and Milda brought some great ideas to the session, thanks again. I will be back :) "
" Patient with technical problems! "
" Thank you for all the amazing ideas! Amazing!!! "
" She has so many perspectives on the character. And she enjoys the read! "
" Excellent reader! Encouraging, gave great suggestions. Definitely recommend. "
" Fantastic reader :) "
" Milda was wonderful. Made sure I used all my time, and even gave some very helpful direction to change it up a bit! "
" Milda is fantastic!!! Highly recommend her! "
" Amazing coach, so helpful. she got me to a place where i did my monologue and CRUSHED IT!!! will definitely use her again for coaching, reading and scene work!!! "
" Awesome! choose her "

Credits Include

2020 [added]
That F****** Word
Dir. Jason Kes Lead
2019 [IMDB]
Private Eyes
TV Series
2018 [IMDB]
Hot Air
2018 [IMDB]
Un traductor
2017 [IMDB]
2015 [IMDB]
2014 [IMDB]
2014 [IMDB]
My Crazy Love
TV Series
2013 [IMDB]
The Pin
2012 [IMDB]
2012 [IMDB]
TV Series
2011 [IMDB]
There Is No Undo
2010 [IMDB]
Banana Girls
2007-2009 [added]
Dirty Dancing
Dir: James Pow Mirvish productions