Michael Thompson

My name is michael Thompson. Im 37 years old, 6'8, and work in the entertainment industry. I have some experience with acting monologues and going over scenes with other actors and teachers. I just recently worked on a short student Film and have another project coming up.

These are 9 questions I ask while analyzing a scene. I pray this is helpful to you as you pursue your journey in Acting

1. Who are you? In the scene, name, occupation, do you like jewelry, are you a dog lover, etc….
2. Where are you? Sometimes location affects a persons behavior and other times it doesn’t
3. Who else is in the scene, and what is your relationship to them?
4. Whats happening?
5. Whats the problem
6. What do you want
7. Why should you get what you want? Do you feel like you deserve the thing that you want, if so, How do you justify your actions or reasoning
8. Whats stopping you from getting what you want
9. How do you plan to get it?

Happy reading

Most of my acting experience deals with self-taped monologues and practice voice over recordings for commercials. While in school i did some avatar overdubbing for a class project. The only professional on-screen work I've done besides self tape auditions was for a police training video where i played a higher functioning autistic driver and reading scripts with an online group

* My latest credit is a short student film entitled "A fathers sins"

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A fathers sins
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Melbourne police training video
Higher functioning autistic driver