Michael Dooley

Reads for free & accepts tips

Hello! I'm an actor local to Dallas, TX.

I'm open to whatever your needs might be. I'm happy to simply read, or I can give you input and advice. I'm also not here to steal the show, because it's YOUR self-tape — I can be as large or subtle as you want me to be. I'm a strong cold reader.

I have a general American accent, but I can switch to Southern/Texan and British RP.

I'm reading for free, but tips and reviews are always appreciated.

I'm an actor local to Dallas, TX and I'm represented by Broad Talent Agency. I've booked paying roles on several regional commercials and independent projects.

I'm tall, skinny, and have no problem being animated so comedy is a natural fit. On the other hand, I can bring it down for a subtler, more nuanced performance more appropriate for drama.

I tend to be cast as learned characters like doctors or lawyers, as well as best friend types.

Broad Talent Agency 469-209-9175 jill@broadtalentagency.com

17 Reader Reviews

" Awesome reader! Gave really great notes and was generous with time. Thanks!! "
" He's always so dynamic with his reads and works to make them more real in the moment. "
" Michael is great. Nice chap and great setup... and was available with amazing audio quality immediately! "
" Great Reader! Super patient with me while trying to fix technical stuff :) "
" Great energy and vibes. Was a great reader for a self tape comedy. Thanks Michael! "
" Michael has such a warm, inviting presence... He really made me feel comfortable in our session and gave me everything I could want as a reader. Thanks, Michael! "
" Great stuff! "
" Great "
" Michael was fantastic!! very friendly "
" Fabulous energy and great coaching! "
" Great read! Patience & Friendly "
" Michael was awesome! "
" Thank you Michael! "
" So great! Helped me with framing, was super patient with me. "
" Michael was fantastic! He coached me through the scenes and gave excellent feedback to improve my auditions. Get him as a reader if you can! "
" Michael was fun and supportive even through tough circumstances (tech difficulties) would love to work with him again! "
" Michael RULES! He was so game and a great acting partner. Really patient and open--highly recommend! "

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