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Have you blown an audition simply because you had a bad reader for your self-tape or in-camera audition? Yeah, let's not let that happen.

I've been a professional actor for 15+ years. I have a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts and want to help YOU book the part! I am all about storytelling and helping to tell the best story with YOU! I also sing and am happy to help with any music-related auditions. You want a reader who can understand how to break down a script properly and give YOU, the actor, something REAL to work with? Say no more.

Want to schedule a session with me? Send me an email: Michael@michael-barnum.com

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Tips greatly appreciated.
Venmo: @barnumichael

Michael Barnum is an actor, singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. He's performed in regional productions in the US, such as "Spring Awakening", "Next To Normal," "The King & I", among others. In 2015, Michael was in the West Coast Premiere of In Love and Warcraft by Madhuri Shekar with Asian theatre collective, Artists At Play. When not acting, he does voiceover work, including writing and producing music.

Do what you love :)


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" Awesome reader! "
" Michael is a STELLAR reader and scene partner to work with - helped me with a super quick turnaround audition and was IN IT every step of the way- so supportive, so generous, and gives GREAT notes and feedback - highly recommend! Thank you, Michael! "
" Great reader! Kind and easy :) "
" Great! "
" Fantastic, as always! "
" Such a phenomenal reader! always. "
" Great reader "
" Such a supportive rockstar of a reader ALWAYS!!! Super thoughtful and observant, and always has the best audio. Book Michael for real!! "
" One and done, thankes Michael "
" Just amazing! Thank you so very much. Appreciate you, please book ! "
" :) :) "
" Great reader, very nice! "
" Really good reader! "
" Awesome reader! Thanks for the feedback "
" Lovely, patient, thorough and so ready! "
" Michael was WONDERFUL to work with. I had a quick turnaround and he really helped me find layers in an audition that was a challenging one for me. I wish I could always read with him! He's also very kind, patient and encouraging as a person. Very grateful I found him! "
" :) "
" He's just....it! Michael makes me want to be a better actor and person. LOVE HIM :) "
" Amazing as always "
" Wow!! So wonderful! Like talking to a new friend. First time I used Michael -- and I highly recommend. Great reader. Gave me a note when I asked for feedback that helped me so much. Please book him. "
" Great reader. Professional, patient, helpful. "
" Michael is incredibly helpful and a great reader. I highly recommend! "
" Just the help I needed. "
" So patient and supportive, really calming presence. felt like i could really do my 'work' and take my time getting into character and working through my challenges in the scene. thank u xo! "
" Super personable, patient, and professional! "
" A great reader and very friendly! "
" Chill, knowledgable, made for a fantastic reader! "
" So lovely to work with! An excellent reader! "
" I tossed a very unique reading opportunity at Michael and he totally jumped into it and had fun with it. He was also super easy to read with and made it very comfortable for me to do what I needed to get exactly the right take. Great reader! "
" Helpful and patient :) "
" Awesome, very patient and good insights "
" Great reader! "
" Super chill dude, hope to see him again. "
" Michael was incredible. OMG, it was amazing delving into he characters, he was so helpful. "
" Great reader! Professional, flexible. "
" Always wonderful reading with Michael - got a last min audition in and needed so badly to run lines, and Michael had ideas to help shape the scene while getting this technical jargon down - I appreciate you, Michael! Everyone, read with him, I highly recommend it! "
" Michael! Such a wonderful reader and helped me through a scene I was struggling terribly with...THANK YOU!! "
" Excellent feedback "
" Michael was super professional and helped me navigate some tech issues. "
" Fantastic time! "
" Ah, wonderful wonderful wonderful! SOLID reader, amazing presence, knows exactly what you need to help support you in a scene, and great actor/scene partner too - totally one of the best! Thanks Michael@ "
" Thank you "
" Cool and focused, would definitely read with him again! "
" Michael is so great with moment before, and helping you get amazing different takes each time! my go to reader! "
" Great Reader! So engaged! "
" Love Michael! "
" Great reader, very professional, thank you Michael! "
" Great quality and great reader!! "
" Ace "
" Michael....is a ROCKSTAR! He made me feel so comfortable and I reallly really enjoyed working through my scene with him. 1000/10 recommend. LOVE LOVE :) "
" Great reader and person. Work with this guy! "
" AWESOME READER! He jumped right in and was very helpful!! Yay! "
" The best reader on here "
" Excellent reader! "
" Thank you so much! Michael was spot on with the tips and ideas to enhance my scene! "
" One of my TOP Go-To's on here! Always a pleasure bro "
" Excellent reader! Very flexible, kept up with the pace of the script and understood the dialogue. Will definitely work with you again! "
" Very professional I recommend him "
" Michael was so wonderful as a reader. A couple of great notes also. Helped me fix a technical difficulty and was a calming influence :) Will definitely request him again! "
" Amazing reader! Book 'em! "
" The best reader, so patient and really gets into character for an emotional scene "
" Michael was great! Super fun reader for a silly commercial. "
" Great reader! Super helpful with getting you out of your head and into the present moment! "
" Michael is a great reader! Open to feedback and very present. Definitely want to work with him again =) "
" Highly recommend working with Michael! He helped me navigate three scenes with lots of action and tons of different characters. Thanks man :) "
" Awesome reader! Super friendly and professional. Great sound set up from his end as well! "
" Great Reader, as always! "
" Great reader!! nice clean sound coming from his end and we got some good work done "
" Michael was fab! Lovely reader, super professional, gave tons of good suggestions! "
" Great reader! Very understanding and easy to work with! "
" Wow Michael couldn't have been a better reader. clear, concise, professional, easy to talk to; an absolute pleasure! "
" Just fantastic! "
" He was extremely patient and really works with you. I had a nervous breakdown before this session but he helped me get through it. 100% recommend! "
" Great advice and great reader! Highly recommend him! "
" The best reader i've had by FAR! AMAZING feedback, my audition improved tremendously! Gave me pointers that made a huge difference! "
" Great Reader! "
" Kind and very thorough reader! Would definitely work with him again, "
" Excellent reader with great energy for the script! "
" Such a supportive reader!! thank you!! "
" Lovely! "
" Michael is a wonderful reader, really helpful and specific. "
" Perfect reader, great energy! "
" Michael is SO WONDERFUL. Such a kind, generous, creative soul who supports you through your work, and is a great actor and scene partner for whatever you need to read. I will be definitely reading again with him, and highly recommend you do the same! Michael - thank you <3 "
" Michael is the partner dreams are made of. Truly just an ideal human to work with. Grounded, smart, intuitive, present. "
" PERFECT reader. Couldn't have been better. Totally professional, instantly understood the scene and gave me everything I needed. THANK YOU MICHAEL!! "
" Great reader. Look forward to working with him again. "
" A+ "
" Incredibly patient! Keen insights! "
" Michael is a GREAT reader with a fantastic setup! The sound was super clear and really helped bring this commercial audition to life. Thank you! "
" Very patient, encouraging. A solid reader too! "
" Michael is awesome! Super cool dude with a nice setup and clear audio! "
" Michael was so sweet and helpful for my very first WeAudition read! "
" Always professional always helpful "
" Do yourself a favor and BOOK HIM! Seriously, the best reader on here! :) Had a blast working with Michael, very open to the work, patient and spot on with the read. "
" Awesomeness "
" Great reader! "
" AMAZING! Such a great actor and has a wonderful voice. Super patient and offered great suggestions! "
" Michael was amazing! So patient and helped me get through lines I was fumbling on! THANK YOU!! "
" AMAZING!! wonderful reader gave great ideas too. So grateful!! Thank you Michael I look forward to the next time! "
" Michael was great! Very patient with great insights and an overall calming demeanor. Thank you for your help. You are appreciated! "
" What a lovely and kind reader! Super talented and accommodating. Also has a great mic set up, so the sound is super clear, which was an unexpected bonus! "
" Michael was fantastic. Gave great advice, and was so patient and friendly. And I got great takes out of it! Will definitely book again. "
" Michael was great! Super patient and helpful; if you needed advice/notes, very willing to help you achieve your best take. Overall, I would recommend! "
" He was helpful and fun! "
" Michael is amazing and has an awesome setup for sound. He gave great feedback and was very encouraging. "
" Michael was such a wonderful reader. We went about 5-10 mins over the requested time but he was always patient with me. Highly recommend and would love to work with him again. "
" Great reader! Best audio on we audition! "
" Excellent! "
" Had the perfect sound set up and cool dude! "
" I always enjoy working with Michael. He's a wonderful reader and a gentleman "
" He is so kind. We got the take, just like I wanted. Great reader "
" Awesome reader, easy to connect with. "
" Michael is a fantastic reader with a calm demeanor. Highly recommend! "
" Amazing, clean and good energy. "
" He was so so so helpful!!!! "
" A great experience working with Michael! "
" Michael is solid. One of the best readers I worked with on this site. Very knowledgeable, accommodating, and with great acting instinct. "
" Michael is such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for your help on such a confusing scene! "
" Great reader!! "
" Great reading and setup to help people. Helpful advice. "
" Excellent sound equipment! Very friendly :) "
" Patient and insightful. All an actor can ask for of a reader. Thanks Michael! "
" Twice in a day cause he's just that fun to play with! Thank you again!!! looking forward to the next time!! "
" First off, has an extremely great studio setup! Second, completely easy to work with and really responsive to being present in the scene. Michael gives you a lot to work with and respects the process. Thank you for being so wonderful to work with and your generosity! Book him if you get the chance!! "
" Michael is amazing!!! Quality of sound is fantastic. His tone and ability to pick up material is perfect. Thanks! "
" So sweet and gave helpful notes "
" Amazing! will definitely book again with michael "
" SUPER kind and such a great reader. His equipment also makes everything sounds highly professional "
" Cool reader!! thank you! "
" Michael was a great reader! He had great attention to detail to the text. Thank you! "
" Great reader. very giving. "
" Great reader! Thank you so much Michael!!! "
" Loved working with Michael! Great set up, great timing, really clear and helpful direction. Looking forward to working together again! "
" Great reader, fantastic set-up!!!! Thanks Michael "
" Great reader, cool set up! "

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2015 [added]
In Love and Warcraft
West Coast Pre Ryan
Going Back Orange
Sex, Drugs, & Dubstep
LMU Lead
Next To Normal
From The Page to the Stage
Musical Theatr Lead