Micah Kobayashi

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I just returned from NZ working on Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power and I want to meet and help fellow actors!

I've studied with RSC and worked in theatre/film in Los Angeles, Australia and New Zealand over 15 years. I'm great at a cold read and absolutely love analyzing text, creating relationship and connection, and supporting other actors to do their absolute best!

I'd love to bring energy and professionalism to make your audition rock and help you BOOK IT!!

IG @mjkobayashi

I am a classically educated actress, having spent time training at the RSC. I've taken that training and applied it to both film and Los Angeles theatre as well as narrating books. I have a keen understanding of text and the ability to connect with the actor opposite me through (and sometimes despite :) the text. I also have experience directing and am comfortable offering help when asked.

Micah's contact: 626.327.3289 / micahjknz@gmail.com / www.micahkobayashi.com Rep/Contact: TMH Management / Tanya Horo

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" Such a professional and so flexible and lovely to work with! I will definitely book Micah again :) "
" What a great reader! Great energy, and made it so easy to be grounded and get into it. Will be booking again!! "
" I had a great session with Micah! She's so kind and helpful "
" So encouraging and a GREAT cold reader!! Comedy skills on point! Thank you, Micah! "
" Fantastic reader! Thank you!!! "
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" So great, really easy to work with, supportive and friendly. Thanks Micah! "
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" Thank you so much for your time! She is a kind person to collaborate with "
" Micah is fun, helpful, and insightful. Will definitely be booking her again in the future! "
" Easy to work with and fun! Professional. :) "
" Micah gave me great input, helped me analyze text and character, for a monologue. This woman knows her stuff! She has great energy, is very supportive, kind, and simultaneously motivating improvement. "
" Lovely! It's always nice when a reader feels excited about the material! Gave me great input on a theatrical monologue, and I am booking Micah again ASAP! "
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" Love! "
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" Amazing reader! Super fun to play with! "
" Great reader, very easy to work with!! "
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" Micah was wonderful to work with! Thank you so much for your supportive energy! "
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" Incredible reader! Gives such good notes and is just a really lovely person to spend a little time working on a scene with. Highly Recommend :) "
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" So fun and easy to read with! Thank you so much for your help!! "
" Book her! Wonderfull. "
" Micah is an awesome reader and knows her stuff "
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" Great reader, willing to play around and gave great notes! really easy to work with! "

Credits Include

Importance of Blind Dating
Short Film Supporting
Much Ado About Nothing
Theatre Hero
Skin of Our Teeth
Theatre Fortune Teller
It's a Wonderful LIfe
Theatre Clarence (as Clarice)
Theatre Lady Macbeth
Theatre Desdemona
Hatful of Rain
Theatre Supporting
A Few Weeks Later
Short Film Supporting
Final Scene
Short Film Lead
Naked Credit
Short Film Lead
Twelfth Night
Theatre Maria