Melina Paez

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∙ LA based professional, repped, working commercial actress.
∙ Social media manager for Minc Talent and occasionally interview actors for our roster.
∙ Upbeat, excited to work with and support you. Very easy going.
∙ Strong comedy background.

Working Together
Available for whatever you need: rehearsing, brainstorming/pick-me-up chat, joking around, someone to tell you what to do with your life, bar mitzvahs, funerals.

Your feedback is very appreciated.

I can handle RP, Irish, Scottish, Australian and French dialects. Feel free to give me a heads up, especially if you need something specific.

∙ Recent/Current Training: Howard Fine, Real Voice LA, BGB, Lesley Kahn, Judy Kain
∙ Graduate of Second City, Chicago.
∙ Sketch/stand-up comedy background, performed with various groups and at iO West, various plays.
∙ Performing on/off for three decades, professionally since 2010.
∙ Michigan, Chicago, NY, LA
∙ 45 year recipient of never receiving a BAFTA.
∙ Very good at holding phones in commercials!

my website
∙ 2020: GoodRx, Apple, Toyota, Hidden Valley Ranch, TurboTax, Indeed,, Fisher Investments

Hefty commercial
Indeed commercial

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I'm repped across the board and have strong relationships with my agents.

My goal is to work bi-coastal and in voice-over for gaming in Sweden.

What I bring to my work is authenticity. I'm there to have fun and make sure the clients, CD and camera person do, too.

I've trained at and graduated from Second City Chicago's Conservatory Program. I've written and performed sketch comedy and stand-up in Chicago, New York, and LA.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling to Sweden and the UK, going to castles, learning about medieval history, playing board games, bowling, and trying to befriend animals visiting my balcony.

my website
Hefty commercial
Indeed commercial
∙ 2020: GoodRx, Apple, Toyota, Hidden Valley Ranch, TurboTax, Indeed,, Fisher Investments

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" Melina made me blush! During the scene, no less, when it was needed! WTF?! That's never happened. Working with her is effortless and ALWAYS a joy. Thanks! "
" Wonderful, flexible, patient, had a wonderful time working together and will book again in the future! "
" Melina was great in setting the tone and helping me get into character. Rehearse with her. "
" What a fantastic, wonderful woman. Terrific actor, crack comic timing. She'll raise your game. My favorite person on here. As a reader, an actor and general human being, Melina is everything. Thanks! "
" Adore her. so fun, great advice. "
" You could not have a better scene partner than Melina. Or one as good! Her advice and suggestions were invaluable. She elevated my performance. Fanfuckingtastic. You'll feel as if you've known her forever. She is MY go-to partner. "
" Melina is such an awesome reader, really helped me a lot :) "
" Melina is so good she makes feel like I have nothing. This is her world. I'm happy to visit! She rules. "
" She's so great. Love reading with her! "
" Great reader! Very helpful, super fun! "
" Another awesome session with Melina "
" So fun!! Great experience "
" Melina was so helpful and energetic! I will definitely be coming back for any comedic needs. "
" Very sweet and encouraging! "
" Lovely as always, she's going to be my work perfect person! So important "
" Such an amazing reader helped with a big audition. thanks so much "
" Melina, was so so sweet! "
" Pleasure working with her again. Very helpful, fun and time passed pretty quickly. Hope to see you again soon! "
" Melina was very patient and very helpful as a reader. Highly recommended! "
" Had very much fun reading with her. Hope to do this with her again! "
" Melina!!!! thank you so much for your time and for your honest feedback. I so appreciate it!!! See you next time :) "
" Melina was wonderful. Very talented to work with. And very good at feedback and being flexible. I felt very supported. "
" Wow Melina you are the best. What an amazing time, she was an awesome reader and gave great advice. Thank you so much, I fully recommend her "
" Super supportive and solid as a reader. "
" Lovely reader. Great energy. Really enjoyed working with you. Thank for helping me last minute and so late. Look forward to doing it again. "
" Amazing helpful "
" Great reader! So easy to work with and wonderful energy. Thank you! "
" Great to work with, helped out immensely "
" Really friendly and helpful. A pleasure to work with! "
" Melina is so game and fun to work with! She brings a really helpful and supportive attitude, plus a great sense of humor. Thank you Melina! "

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