Masha Mati Prodan

Hi fellow actor, I am happy to dive into the scene together with you and if needed, give my feedback and suggestions in order to improve your performance.
For me it´s important to dedicate enough time and patience to your work. I am a very flexible scene partner and my mission is to give my very best in every "take" (with some advice, improv and personal touch if needed).
I'm reading for free at the moment, but feel free to leave a review if you enjoyed working with me.

Looking forward to meeting new faces :)
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I was born in Croatia and my father is of Italian heritage. I went to drama school in London and am currently living in Berlin and working on my German showreel.
I will be shooting "Eyeliner", a short film directed by Rodrigo Puente, set in Berlin, once the lockdown is over.
Being raised in different countries, I am fluently speaking English, German, Italian, Croatian, Slovenian and French. Therefore I was working on projects in the U.K, Germany and Croatia; both theatre and screen.
Besides learning new languages, I am also passionate about Poker, writing and travelling.
I´m looking forward to meeting you! :)

Credits Include

2018 [IMDB]
The Last Brit
2009 [IMDB]
2005 [IMDB]
Sto je Iva snimila 21. listopada 2003.