Mary Emma Kingsley

Hey! I'm Emma and I'm based in Washington, D.C., working mostly in the Southeastern market. I'm a classically trained singer and dancer with a background in musical theatre.

I'm currently in school part-time and looking to get as in as much practice as possible here in between auditions. I specialize in southern accents and character voices.

I love reading for others and am happy to run lines and chat through the scene or simply read for your tape, or all of the above! My favorite part of this work is the creative collaboration and I love how this is a tiny way to access that—and we get to do it as often as we want to! Let me know however I can help.

I look forward to working with you soon ✨

Instagram: @maryemmakingsley + @selftapemmay

Mary Emma is a triple-threat performer primed for the screen. A life-long (classically trained) dancer and professionally trained actor and singer, Mary Emma currently studies under Vienna State Opera's Chrissellene Petropoulos. She produces and co-hosts a weekly podcast in collaboration with Lady Farmer, her sustainable lifestyle company of which she currently serves as Creative Director.

Manager: Ashlie Colón Black Box Management (CA) (424) 258-4204 Agent: Lauren Ewing Forward Talent (GA) (404) 829-2675

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