Marquis Gibson

I am Marquis D. Gibson, an actor, voice actor and singer. I am a bass-baritone, speak French and available to take on dialects by request. Past dialects include: Barbadian, Southern, RP, Cockney, Irish, etc.

Marquis D. Gibson is an actor, writer, singer, dancer, teaching artist and even bookseller originally from the 'Bull City' of Durham, North Carolina.

Some of his credits include Toni Stone, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Christians, Shakespeare in Love and The Piano Lesson. He has performed in San Francisco, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, NYC and internationally in Kenya and Australia.

Currently, he is directing a one-person performance that will be held online through The Gumbo Lab.

He trained at Howard University where he graduated magna cum laude as well as with SpringboardNYC and AADA-Los Angeles.

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