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Hi all,
I'm a SAGe actor based in Los Angeles. I have been in a variety of commercial, industrial, and film projects. I'm always interested in helping others actors and help US succeed.

You are not my competition. I want us to win.

Hi all,
I'm an actor based in Los Angeles. I'm currently looking to sharpen my skills as a reader. I've been in a variety of projects from film to industrials. And I'm always willing to help other actors.

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" Definitely help me get off book! Great reader. "
" Mark was a great reader!!!! "
" Had great pointers and suggestions. Also, a very genuine person. "
" Mark was great! Insightful commentary and advice "
" Nice flow rehearsal. Thanks, Mark. "
" Super! "
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" So patient, has great ideas, and very fun to work with! "
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" I feel SO LUCKY to have met Mark. Great reader and a great guy. "
" Great reader! Thank you! "
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" Mark was amazing to work with! "
" Really wonderful reader. Great experience. An upbeat and lively personality. "
" Mark is a wonderful, enthusiastic reader and has great ideas. He didn't even mind my OCD way of doing a thousand takes! Will definitely use him again. "
" Mark is a great reader! Patient and accommodating! Thanks Mark! "

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2019 [added]
Treasury Wine Estates
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One Man Show
Self Directed and Produced
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Sutter Health
2018 [added]
2018 [added]
Almost Immortal
2017 [added]