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My name is Maeve and I am a full-time actor, improviser, and writer since graduating from Yale University last spring. I have trained at UCB & AMAW and recently received my first television credit for Law & Order.

Let’s read together! I am also happy to offer notes or feedback whenever you would like and am willing to rehearse as many times as you need.

If my beacon is off, feel free to DM on Instagram (@maeveforti) or email me at

Venmo preferred! Thank you :)

Maeve is an actress, who works as a local hire in NYC & LA. She recently received her BA in journalism from Yale University, and is a Boston Native.

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" Great reader! "
" So down to roll with the punches even with a technical snafu! Great diction and a reliable reader. "
" Maeve has great instincts and really can capture the whole environment of the scene with her insight. "
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" Thank you so much Maeve!! Super supportive reader and very very patient and AWESOME! Thanks again!!! "
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" Maeve was fantastic! "
" Maeve is awesome! Great reader and was able to help out with some notes. "
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" Maeve was wonderful! Gave me a super read and really good feedback! "
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" A great reader! "
" Maeve is a great reader and also had a great mic, one of the best sounding folks on weaudition ;) "
" We got an original 3-person scene done in 3 MINUTES!!!! Maeve, thank you thank you THANK YOU!! How fun was that?! Thank you for meeting me right where I was at, and being ready to immediately jump right in, play multiple characters, and help me get it all done! Thank you!!! :) <3 "
" Maeve was great! Patient and easy to work with! "
" So SO lovely and was down to do it several times even as I messed up lines ahah THANK YOU "
" Maeve is awesome! Loved working with her and will again! "
" Fabulous! Lovely to bounce off of immediately "
" One of my favorites!!! "
" Excellent feedback/direction! "
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" Really nice and patient "
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" Thank you so much! Great reader! "
" Maeve is amazing! She provides really helpful feedback. I hope to work with her again! "
" Wonderful and supportive feedback, great energy! "
" Great reader !! super helpful !! "
" Very funny and easy to work with! "
" Maeve is great to work with! "
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" Maeve is an awesome, super patient & generous scene partner. Highly recommend. "
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" Maeve is a wonderful reader and so kind! She was very patient and super open to trying different things! "
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" Maeve is so sweet! Great reader, beautiful energy and very helpful! Thank you! "
" Such a nice reader! Gave good reccomendations! "
" Nailed it! I was in such a rush and she stepped up to the plate immediately! 10 stars!!!! "
" Great reader! Patient with some dry material!! "
" So sweet and helpful! Thanks Maeve!! "
" Super friendly and down to run lines as many times as I needed to feel solid. Thanks! "
" Great reader! "
" Amazing Reader! Very patient! "
" I was only able to meet Maeve for a moment before my computer crashed :-(. I hope to reconnect with her soon! "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Law & Order
2021 [added]
A Virtual Reality
2021 [added]
Darakwon - Life in USA
2021 [added]
2021 [added]
2016 [added]
King Lear
2016 [added]
The Glass Menagerie