Maeve Forti

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My name is Maeve and I am now a full time actor, improviser, and writer since graduating from Yale University this spring. I have trained at UCB & AMAW.

Let’s read together! I am also happy to offer notes or feedback whenever you would like and am willing to rehearse as many times as you need.
(If you want to schedule a time with me as a reader, please feel free to email me!
Venmo - @Maeve-Forti

Maeve is an actress, who works as a local hire in NYC & LA. She recently received her BA in journalism from Yale University, and is a Boston Native.

Commercial: Wild Models & Talent Management: BAM Management

22 Reader Reviews

" Thank you so much! Great reader! "
" Maeve is amazing! She provides really helpful feedback. I hope to work with her again! "
" Wonderful and supportive feedback, great energy! "
" Great reader !! super helpful !! "
" Very funny and easy to work with! "
" Maeve is great to work with! "
" Maeve was super helpful! She made good suggestions to try the scene in different ways that helped me get a good take. Would definitely work with her again! "
" She helped me get off book super fast! "
" Awesome reader, will be back! "
" Maeve is an awesome, super patient & generous scene partner. Highly recommend. "
" Super sweet and generous reader! "
" Maeve is a wonderful reader and so kind! She was very patient and super open to trying different things! "
" Such a refresher after a bad reader experience! I love Maeve, book her, she went to Yale and it shows! LOL "
" Maeve is so sweet! Great reader, beautiful energy and very helpful! Thank you! "
" Such a nice reader! Gave good reccomendations! "
" Nailed it! I was in such a rush and she stepped up to the plate immediately! 10 stars!!!! "
" Great reader! Patient with some dry material!! "
" So sweet and helpful! Thanks Maeve!! "
" Super friendly and down to run lines as many times as I needed to feel solid. Thanks! "
" Great reader! "
" Amazing Reader! Very patient! "
" I was only able to meet Maeve for a moment before my computer crashed :-(. I hope to reconnect with her soon! "

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A Virtual Reality
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Darakwon - Life in USA
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King Lear
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The Glass Menagerie