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I've been training in on camera work, self-taping, and auditioning for over 6 years, and most definitely relate to needing a reader last minute. This platform has helped me loads, and I'd love to return the favor assisting you with your next tape!

Everyone works differently, so I'm more than happy to adjust to your process. I can just be the voice behind the camera or offer notes and feedback if you need or want! I love brainstorming to come up with fun take ideas and to figure out how to make difficult tapes work!

**If I do not reply, it is more than likely due to a WeAudition glitch and I SINCERELY apologize. Occasionally I will either not be notified of a request or WeAudition will allow a request to get through when I am already in a session**

Can't wait to meet all of you talented people :)

Venmo is preferred if possible!
If you don't see me on here and want to schedule a time feel free to reach out!
Instagram: @maddiecolombo_

Hello! My name is Madeline Colombo, and I am a full-time Ole Miss student and actor. I have been doing theatre since I was 5 but began film training when I was 15 and started auditioning at 16. Outside of acting, I spend lots of time reading, watching shows/movies (for acting research of course), cooking/baking, and petting as many animals that will let me.

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2022 [added]
Ole Miss Theater
2022 [added]
Daisy Jones and The Six
TV Series
2021 [added]
Dog Sees God
Ghostlight Repertory Theater
2021 [added]
The Thing About Pam
TV Series
2020 [added]
The Nether
Ole Miss Theater
2019 [added]
The Wolves
Ole Miss Theater