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I've been training in on camera work, self-taping, and auditioning for over 6 years, and most definitely relate to needing a reader last minute. This platform has helped me loads, and I'd love to return the favor assisting you with your next tape!

Everyone works differently, so I'm more than happy to adjust to your process. I can just be the voice behind the camera or offer notes and feedback if you need or want! I love brainstorming to come up with fun take ideas and to figure out how to make difficult tapes work!

**If I do not reply, it is more than likely due to a WeAudition glitch and I SINCERELY apologize. Occasionally I will either not be notified of a request or WeAudition will allow a request to get through when I am already in a session**

Can't wait to meet all of you talented people :)

Venmo is preferred if possible!
If you don't see me on here and want to schedule a time feel free to reach out!
Instagram: @maddiecolombo_

Hello! My name is Madeline Colombo, and I am a full-time Ole Miss student and actor. I have been doing theatre since I was 5 but began film training when I was 15 and started auditioning at 16. Outside of acting, I spend lots of time reading, watching shows/movies (for acting research of course), cooking/baking, and petting as many animals that will let me.

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" Super sweet and patient! great attitude and great timing!totally recommend her! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Just an awesome reader with super helpful suggestions and feedback "
" Great! "
" She was absolutely lovely! Would totally read with her again. "
" Super helpful and wonderful reader! "
" Madeline is a fantastic reader, a really kind and fun human and can read cold, give notes if desired but is also great at standing back if you just want to run lines:) "
" Madeline was so incredibly helpful! She was kind and warm and helped me feel super comfortable with my 2 auditions. We knocked them out fast and I loved the results! "
" Incredible. She just gets it and is so so good. "
" Madeline was so kind and generous! It was everything I needed to feel relaxed and ready to work through some great takes! "
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" Madeline was great to work with! She's very supportive and gives helpful feedback "
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" A reader with a great energy and constructive feedback "
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" Madeline is EXCELLENT! I would recommend her to anyone and will def work with her again! "
" I love working with Madeline she gave such great feedback!!! "
" Had a selftape audition and Madeline was really helpful and gave me really great notes as well that I don't even though about. Thank you!! "
" Lovely, wonderful as always!!!! "
" Wonderful reader! Thanks so much for jumping in and for your patience!!! "
" Supportive, patient, lovely. Thank you again! "
" Madeline was AMAZING to work with and helped me get some awesome takes. Would definitely recommend! "
" Madeline was a great reader. "
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" Madeline is a pro! So nice and fun and easy to work with! "
" Madeline was awesome - so sweet, patient, and had helpful suggestions that pushed the scene froward! "
" Madeline was an amazing reader and super helpful. She offered notes and suggestions which made the scene come to life and be more fun for me. "
" A great reader, great timing! "
" Ultra professional. Naturally talented artist who will be very successful. Absolutely perfect find for my tapes! "
" Super helpful and friendly!! "
" Super supportive and great reader! Thank you Madeline! "
" Madeline was a great reader. She had great insight on some sticking points in my sides, and we ran through them like champs! Absolutely recommend. "
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" So thoughtful and smart "
" Madeline is great! "
" Sweet and easy to work with, "
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" So personable and patient! "
" She was AWESOME! I came on like a slob with zero energy and she just let me be me and feel it out, she hyped me up, and then we got the work DONE! Thank you for your help Madeline :) "
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" Great reader "
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" Really nice and pleasant "
" She was so helpful and friendly. Made the scene just flow and feel real. I highly recommend her and will use her again. "
" A gem :) Thank youuuuuuu "
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" Madeline was a great reader and very helpful with script analysis! "
" Great reader! Very fun, encouraging, and with great suggestions for improving the scene. "
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" Madeline is lovely and easy to work with! "
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" Awesome to work with and very sweet! "
" Thank you Madeline. That was a tough scene. You handled the drama stupendously!! "
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" Such a great reader!!! Great to work with!! "
" Super helpful and kind :) Her notes were great! "
" As a first time user of this app as an actor, she was the perfect first time reader to have. Easy going, made the new user experience comfortable AND she was an excellent reader! Jumped right in and gave me a character to work off of. Will definitely have her on speed dial! "
" Great chemiastry; gets the characters! "
" SO cute Maddie is so great! Book her! "
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" What others said on here, dude! "
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" Very helpful and down with my quick pace :) "
" Wonderful! Had lotas of fun reading with her. "
" Maddy was great and so easy going. I highly recommend her. "
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" Madeline is so kind and brings great energy!! Thank you! "
" She's awesome! So easy to work with! "
" Madeline is literally the sweetest person! She's really good at bringing the character she reading for to life. She made it so much easier to react and record my audition! She was so helpful and kind! Thank you!!! "
" Awesome! Thank you Madeline. "
" Sunny disposition - very kind and helpful. "
" Thank you very much Madeline! an excellent and grounded reader. Very helpful. "
" Very lovely! great reader! "
" Madeline was great! She's an engaged reader and happy to help you get your best take. Very pleased with my first WeAudition experience! "
" Awesome reader! Came right in and just on point! Thank you! "
" Kind and fun reader! Thanks for the help "
" Wonderful! Energetic and sweet and gave a perfect read. Thank you! "
" I enjoyed working with Madeline. She gave good insights! "
" Madeline was a great reader and very patient! "
" Always a joy to work with! "
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" Such a pleasure to work with! Thank you, thank you! "
" Madeline was a joy to work with! "
" A wonderful reader! "
" Madeline is super fun, bright personality which shines through the lens! I'm so lucky to have found her to read with me as a sassy daughter and mom combo! "
" Thank you!!! "
" Madeline is very creative and great with coming up with solutions for self-taping. "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Ole Miss Theater
2022 [added]
Daisy Jones and The Six
TV Series
2021 [added]
Dog Sees God
Ghostlight Repertory Theater
2021 [added]
The Thing About Pam
TV Series
2020 [added]
The Nether
Ole Miss Theater
2019 [added]
The Wolves
Ole Miss Theater