Lumen Beltran

Hello there! My name is Lumen and I'm so excited to be your reader. I'm a patient and supportive actor who loves watching fellow actors deliver their best performances.

I know how vulnerable auditioning can be so I'm here to support you with as much or little input as you'd like. I'm happy to read as many times as you need.

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Hello, I'm Lumen! I’m a Filipina-Canadian actress based in Vancouver. As a first-generation immigrant, I learned at an early age that laughter is a universal form of communication. Since film and TV shows incorporate music, fashion, and other elements that transcend language barriers, they're powerful mediums I can use to share experiences with others. That’s why I’m an actress – to cultivate empathy so we can be kinder to each other!

I began my career in show business through my first beauty pageant journey where she advocated for diversity and inclusion in the media. Upon transitioning into the acting world, I secured union status, landed my first TV credit, and trained with highly respected instructors at Railtown Studios - all within 1 year.

I have an academic and professional background in digital marketing, which has given me the opportunity to lead online initiatives at entertainment publications around the world. I am an artistic soul with a business brain, and I love collaborating with creative professionals to tell stories that matter.

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Credits Include

2023 [added]
Sophie's Rules
Amber (Supporting)
2022 [added]
Alternate Headspace (SFU Best Thriller Prize)
Fiona (Supporting)
2022 [added]
Jenny (Supporting)
2021 [IMDB]
Guilty Party
TV Series