Lo A. McDonald


I am still a pretty green actor - I've been taking classes for over a year, hoping to start building my credits soon. Looking to flex my cold read skills while connecting with other actors by helping as a reader.

If you'd like feedback, I'll do my best to channel the sage advice of my acting coach.
If you want to just run lines, we can stick to the script.
If you need emotional support, I have an 11-pound ball of fluff named Bucky who would be more than happy to assist.

Lo is a mid-west based actor who, as a queer non-binary activist, believes that representation matters, and seeks to bring more marginalized characters to the forefront.

In their spare time, they enjoy reading, watching horror movies and anime, playing video games, and taking naps with their pup-sidekick, Bucky.


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2023 [added]
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