Lindsey Lauria

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Hello WeAudition Actors!
I am a NY based actor and producer. I graduated the Two Year Conservatory Program at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute on a full scholarship.
I know the audition process can be stressful at times and I will do my absolute best to make you feel prepared and ready to submit that self tape!

Feel free to reach out on Instagram if you need to schedule a zoom or to jump on here! @LindseyLauria

Lindsey Lauria is a NY based actor, writer and producer currently living on Long Island. She graduated the Two Year Conservatory Program at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute on a full scholarship. In addition to being trained in Method Acting, Lindsey's studies included On-Camera Technique, Acting for Film and TV, Musical Theatre, Dance, Singing, and Vocal Production. She is also certified in unarmed stage combat.
Lindsey is passionate about independent cinema, traveling, trying new vegan restaurants with her friends, meditating and tofu cream cheese on her everything bagel.

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" Lindsey was an awesome reader! Collaborative and easy to work with. Thank you! "
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" So lovely "
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" Lindsey was great! She was very patient with me throughout the whole rehearsal and final takes of my self tape. She offered good advice and feedback. Thanks again Linsey, I really appreciate it! "
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" Lindsey was great. She was very patient with me throughout the whole rehearsal and final takes of my self tape. She offers good advice and feedback. Thanks again Lindsey, I really appreciate it! "
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" ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, ASTOUNDING, NEVER MISSED A BEAT. Lindsey is one of the most helpful (and talented) readers I have ever met or had the pleasure of working with. She is super approachable and warm. She let me take as much time as I needed and really worked through every bit of the scenes with me. I cannot tell you enough that if you are looking for a reader that will be there for you and make your connection magic, LINDSEY is your reader! You better try and get her now before I start to take up all of her time :) THANK YOU SO MUCH LINDSEY! At a time where I only had a small time frame to get these done and all of my usual readers fell through, you saved me like the superhero you are. "Sommelier alldayyyyyy honeeeyyyyy!" "
" Great to work with! "
" Lindsey was amazing! She was professional, talented, and respectful! Will definitely be working with her again soon. "
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" Great working Lindsey. Thanks for your help. "
" Lindsey was such a fabulous reader! Very patient with me and gave me space to play :) Thank you! "
" Loved it "

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For the Benefit of Mr. Winston
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Motherland Departed
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