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Witty, fast-talking Brooklyn weirdo with a dash of charm, who also can adapt on a dime, that’s me. Love to create and learn as much as possible. Looking forward to meeting as many people as I can. Let's grow together. I won't leave a long bio, let's connect and vibe, looking forward to meeting you and reading for you! Much Peace!

How shall we start this? Well, I'm an energetic guy from Brooklyn, New York. The first real shot I got to be on stage was an Off-Broadway show called " The NutCracker Rated R"....having been only a B-boy at the time (now I've gone to develop in other dance styles as well), acting and portraying other characters in front of others of this scale was a little new for me in a sense, I've grown to Love being in front of an audience, whether I'm dancing, acting, being a comedian, stage or T.V, it brings out some of the best parts of me.
I've had the fortunate pleasure of being part of a dance-theater company named "Danstheater AYA" under the direction of Wies Bloemen in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. It was here where I truly learned to combine all the talents and skills I had acquired over the years traveling and performing, from dancing and performing self monologues, in English and Dutch mind you, it really was a great experience. Since then I've gone off to study back in my birth home of New York after having traveled many years performing. The biggest smile appeared on my face when I heard I was accepted into the one and only "Stella Adler Studio of Acting", it was located at West 27th at the time, a wonderful and beautiful place full of history, I truly learned fined artistry there. Being an Artist has given me so much and I want to share my experiences with everyone, and make new ones with you....yes, you reading this ;).

Enjoy my page and please feel free to contact me or my agent in the contact section. Much Peace to you

Lord Christopher Lewis Dunston
(Yes, I brought one of those online Establishment Titles, because....why not, right?)

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" Christopher was excellent, great with accents and different ideas. Soooo much fun and really supportive. Many thanks! "
" Down to earth! Practical, straightforward direction that kicked up my audition. Thanks Chris. "
" Fantastic, highly recommend! "
" What a lovely human! "
" Great insight! Thank you! "
" Christopher is awesome and such a fun guy to work with ! "
" Lovely human, great reader! "
" Super quality person and actor! Will book with him again in a heartbeat. He read two roles on the side no problem and was extremely professional and inspirational! "
" He is very knowledgeable and I look forward to reading with him soon "
" 5 Star Excellence! "
" Christoper is AMAZING!! Great at what he does and a pure joy to work with!! Gives awesome notes too, recommend!! "
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" Great reader! "
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" Thanks Brotha!! "
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" Terrific fulfilling rehearsal and taping with Lord. I will be back for more!! "
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" So fun to work with! Great direction. Thank you! "
" AMAZING!!!! "
" A friend at this point. A consistent talent and mind! "
" Thank youuu!! "
" Loved his energy!! "
" Lord is excellent! Worked on a Chase commercial and he brought lots of energy and made it really fun :) "
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" Incredibly helpful. Patient and offers constructive feedback rooted in support & encouragement. "
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" Ahhhh, yes. So thankful to see Lord up on my screen. He helped me unlock key essentials from my character's narrative. As well as giving me the confidence to shine and be free in my audition. Cheers mate. "
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" Man one of the greatest! A really good guy and a solid artist. Gave helpful feedback and was engaged all the way through. "
" Chris is awesome. Super supportive. Great notes. I'd recommend him. "
" Great feedback, and gets into the scene with you "
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" My experience with Lord Christopher Lewis Dunston was, like, the best! I connected for a general chat and information and will be checking in with him for some East Coast accent refining soon! Thanks, Lord. "
" He is just amazing....great energy each and every time! He is an absolute joy! "
" Lord is your ideal reader! Book him if you see him! "
" He was an amazing reader! He had so much great energy and really took his time to help me as I was still dissecting the character. I loved his accents too! I highly recommend...and thank you sooooo much!!! "
" Great reader! Great energy! With you every step of the way! "
" Lord was amazing! Super talented, professional and also gave me some excellent feedback. He was an absolute pleasure to work with! I will definitely look for him on my next read. "
" Christopher was phenomenal!! A wonderful reader - we also shared insights about working in other markets and he helped me nail my commercial audition. It was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend awhile on a Saturday morning. I'll look forward to working with him again anytime! "
" He was incredible! So kind, so down to just play, and encouraging along the way. Thank you so much!! "
" Chris is so friendly. Thank you so much & lovely meeting you :) "
" He was a great reader and gave me really helpful advice, what I truly liked about Lord was his angelic, kind energy! Will definitely come back to him again. Thank you. "
" Great and patient reader! Thank you Lewis! "
" Wonderful reader! Book him! "

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