Leila McDougall

I have just finished acting school and am very fresh! I am happy to run through lines with anyone, just give me 2 min to go over what you want to rehearse and we can get straight on to it. 
I am stuck out on the farm most of the time and at the moment (isolation) I am not getting a great deal of opportunity to catch up with other creative people.

I am hoping this community will give the opportunity to interact with other crazy creatives like myself. 
So, don’t be shy, I’m happy to help out with lines, or even just chat about acting and techniques to keep our acting brains active!!

I can work in my natural Australian accent or in a British accent, totally up to you (but I would love to practice with British accent).

Areas I work well in:

Drama, comedy, period, historical, medieval, fantasy, action, thriller.
The only thing I am not so good at is Shakespeare, as I have trouble pronouncing the words.

I am a farmer, but certainty not your stereo typical farmer, look at me!! Other farmers in the community say I’m ‘quirky’, but that is just a plight way to say I’m ‘totally nuts’, haha.

I’m a ‘rear unit’, I like to say, no one is remotely close to being like me. I have lived a very colourful life for someone my age, and I love it!! 
Not many people can keep up with my lifestyle, I love being busy and experiencing as much as possible. Often people don’t believe me when I talk about my life and what I have done.
To name a few;
fashion designer, teacher, farmer, political advisor, charity founder and director, magazine editor, Down Syndrome support carer, chicken sexer, night club bar tender, mother and wife

I have always wanted to be an actress, but I have never had the confidence to read scripts, due to being dyslexic. But I have worked out that my photographic memory serves me well in this!! And now that I have finished acting school I am ready to jump in to this world of acting. (I’m still doing night classes and online classes).

I am an extremely hard worker and dedicate myself 150% to a task, hence how I have done so much with my life.

Being older and starting my acting career has worried me, most actors start training in their teens, having a massive head start on me. But, I am totally comfortable with who I am and loosing myself in a role, no matter where it takes me. I have no shame, (being a mum does that to you).

I love a yarn and telling stories, and I have a few to tell!!

I would love to meet you and have a yarn, who knows, I just might be perfect for the role you are casting!!


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