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Hi! My name is Lee Kim. (I go by "Lee.") I've been acting for the past 15-years. I originally got my start on stage, then fell in love with improv, and then pursued film. I am a native of California (California born), but I speak with a general American accent. I am based on the east coast (ET time zone).

Perhaps the best thing that I bring to the table is my breadth of professional experience. I am an attorney, intelligence analyst, and cybersecurity expert. I've had over 15 years working as a healthcare professional. I previously worked as an IT professional. I did some research in neurobiology and organic chemistry as well.

In terms of creative endeavors, I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager and I have been doing photography for about fifteen years. I've also created my own content (plays and improv) during that time as well. I'm also a powerlifter.

I'm currently taking classes with the Upright Citizens Brigade (improv).

CISSP (cybersecurity), CIPP/US (information privacy)
AV rated preeminent peer review rated attorney
Licensed attorney (DC, PA) & Registered US Patent Attorney (USPTO)

A3 ARTISTS AGENCY (formerly Abrams)
Eileen Haves Talent Representative

4K webcam; Sony ZV-1 with Rode Video Microphone, Shure MV-51 microphone; home voiceover/VO studio booth (with Rode NT1-A mic); Gigabit Ethernet

NO FEE (but tips are welcome):
I read for free - tips are welcome, as you see fit. I am happy to extend the time as you might need in order for you to have the best experience.

I am a licensed attorney and registered patent attorney. I volunteer as an intelligence analyst with the US Department of Homeland Security. I have worked with Congress on legislative matters and various agencies on regulatory issues. I am domestically and internationally published and I have been interviewed by various mainstream and trade publications. I am a frequent public speaker as well with over 150 speaking engagements.

I am a native born US citizen and hold a valid US passport and driver's license.

AVAILABILITY - Now or e-mail to schedule:
I am usually available whenever I have the instant beacon on. However, please e-mail me at LeeKimArt3@gmail.com if you wish to schedule in advance.


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Lee Kim is an actress and artist who performs a variety of roles in drama, comedy, industrials, improv, voiceovers, and film. Lee works with theaters and production companies based in New York City, Los Angeles, and beyond. Recent engagements include independent films, off-off Broadway plays, improv shows, and children's theater. Lee has played a wide range of roles including a criminal suspect, officer manager, board member, angel, everyday young woman, and refugee. And, who knows what's next? Lee's representatives include A3 Artists Agency (formerly Abrams).

Additionally, Lee is an accomplished AV preeminent rated attorney, global cybersecurity expert, public speaker, and photographer. Lee helped to draft an advocacy piece which ultimately became Federal law (Section 405 of the Cybersecurity Act of 2015, codified at 6 USC 1533). Lee has had wide ranging experience working with private and public stakeholders, including Congressional staffers. Of note, Lee has over one-hundred fifty speaking engagements, over two-hundred fifty media mentions, and over seventy-five publications. In addition to her professional endeavors, Lee is a powerlifter and a poet.

​Lee is a graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy. Lee received training in criminal intelligence analysis at the state police barracks. Lee serves as a (volunteer) team leader of intelligence analysts with the US Department of Homeland Security.

CISSP (cybersecurity), CIPP/US (information privacy)
AV rated preeminent peer review rated attorney
Licensed attorney (DC, PA) & Registered US Patent Attorney (USPTO)

Jerry Kallarakkal & Tabitha Diaz - A3 Artists Agency (formerly Abrams) - On Camera Commercial| Direct - LeeKimArt3@gmail.com

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" Lee was so helpful, patient, kind, and very easy to work with. She's a gem. "
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" Lee was awesome. Super nice and helpful "
" Lee's awesome! "
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" Great reader! Very helpful! "
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" Really sweet and kind reader. Highly recommend! "
" Great reader. "
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Credits Include

2021 [added]
The Monologue Show
2021 [added]
LA Connection Comedy Theatre
2021 [added]
12 Incompetent Jurors
Voice- Supporting
2021 [added]
The Collective
AI voice- Supporting
2021 [added]
NOT Muppet Classic Theatre
2021 [added]
The Passport
2020 [added]
Animated Story Lead
2020 [added]
Law enforcement industrial
2020 [added]
LA Connection Comedy Theatre
2020 [added]
GET REAL Comedy Performance Team
2020 [added]
NOT Muppet Classic Theatre
2020 [added]
It's a Wonderful Life: A live Radio Play
AlphaNYC Theat Lead


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