Laurel Andersen

Laurel Andersen (she/they) is an NYC-based director, playwright, actor and acting/audition coach who uses their experience from both sides of the table to help you craft the audition YOU want!


I'll take your lead -- let me know what you're looking for from a pair of outside eyes/from your reader, and I'll adapt. Can't wait to work with you!!


“Laurel is a Truth Detective! By that I mean: she is able to sniff out when even the most trained actors aren’t connecting to their deepest truths, and guide them away from “acting shmacting” to simply existing honestly within the given circumstances of the scene. Laurel is direct and supportive. She creates a safe, fun, organized, and efficient environment for the actor to work in. Most importantly, she works WITH the individual actor to find simplicity and spontaneity rather than imposing her own training or method onto the actor. If you aren’t already working with her, sign up!”

- Anonymous

“Thanks in large part to my coaching session with Laurel, I signed with my first agent. I came to Laurel with two very different audition pieces – one from a larger-than-life Shakespeare comedy and one from an intimate, dramatic indie film. She first asked me what I wanted to work on, what my thoughts were, and what work I had already done. From there, she prompted me with questions that deepened my understanding of the characters, the worlds, the stories, and the objectives. Our entire session was built around Laurel asking the question “How can I serve YOU?” I personally am a very emotionally available actor, but I have a hard time finding the different colors and specific shifts that build the arch of a scene. Laurel helped me find them. I threw emotions at the scenes, and she helped me nuance, refine, and specify them. Her background as an actor and a director gives her a particular understanding of storytelling from the inside and the outside. I can’t thank her enough for all the work she did to help me land this agent. I look forward to keep working with her as my career grows. Thanks, Laurel!”

- Robin Johnson

Laurel Andersen (she/they) is an NYC-based actor, singer, director, playwright, and sometimes-songwriter. Originally from the Los Angeles area (she grew up in the South Bay!), Laurel's work with young NYC theatre companies encompasses both reimaginings/repurposings of classical texts (often to center women and queer people), & the development of new work. As an actor, NYC includes: ROMEO AND JULIET (Match: Lit), TWELFTH NIGHT; SLEEPY HOLLOW: THE MUSICAL (The Players Theatre) and originating roles in THE OTHER, OTHER WOMAN, THE TABLE ROUND, THE SIEGE PERILOUS (all with Turn to Flesh Productions); ALL ONE FOREST; and THE COWARD (NYC Fringe). Regional includes: INTO THE WOODS (Playhouse on Park), THE RESOLUTE (Wyoming Theatre Festival), two seasons with Adirondack Shakespeare. Upcoming: DEAD ENDERS (web series). More info Socials: @laurelmrc

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