Kim Bakoledis

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Finding support can be challenging at times but luckily I am here to help you with your reads!

I'm a Faith & Family focused American Actress based on the East Coast and feel blessed to be in this career! I am insightful, kind, supportive, honest and love improv! You can be in control or we can work through it together; whatever you desire! In need of a pep talk, I can do that too!

I'm excited to help you book your next role! Check out my reviews! Connect now - let's do this and have fun!

I'm an American Actress based on the East Coast and love what I do! I have acted in films, commercials and industrials and enjoy the variety. I enjoy improv too! Age range is 45-65.

Heartfelt movies/commercials, Christmas themes and kids movies are my favorite! My health and wellness are very important to me and I especially like promoting "clean products" and all things good in the world...

New York: MWA 646.470.0398 Boston: NEMG 603.624.0555

151 Reader Reviews

" Kind and good reader! "
" Amazing Reader! "
" Awesome!! Was pinned for network last time I read with her!! "
" Great! "
" Kim is fantastic! I loved working with her. "
" Awesome with directions...made my audition pop! "
" Awesome kind patient "
" Kim made her first priority creating a read that would translate into a style that would give me the space to give the audition I wanted to capture. Wonderful to work with., "
" Absolutely phenomenal. 10 Stars if possible. Great Energy, great insight. "
" Awesome reader! Great Energy! "
" Very quick, and efficient! "
" Absolutely fab reader, adjusted pacing perfectly for the scene and gave good input, thanks Kim! "
" Really friendly and helpful! Great reader and also helpful at talking through the scene and acting choices etc. "
" Kim was great! Super helpful and she jumped right into my self tape and was ready to roll. "
" Jumped right in with me and did a fantastic job! Didnt miss a beat. THANK YOU! "
" Great reader!! Thank You! "
" Kim was very helpful "
" Love me some Kim! "
" Kim was so great! She was open with her helpful feedback and down to improv. I look forward to working with her again. "
" Lovely!!!! Thank you, Kim! "
" Such a breath of fresh air to have to work on the script. "
" Kim is AWESOME "
" Kim was great! "
" So sweet and helpful, would love to read with Kim again! "
" Great! "
" Thanks Kim good read "
" Kim was so wonderful to play out my scene with!! Great reader, highly recommended!! "
" Kim was so enjoyable to read with. Great, warm personality and dialed in with the scene. Thank you! "
" Thanks for the great read, Kim! "
" Awesome! "
" Fun reader "
" Took a second for her to get the script tone, but totally sweet great reader "
" Awesome reader with excellent notes. "
" Sweet and great energy "
" Excellent "
" Great "
" Awesome as always "
" So sweet! Very fun to read with, and I am so so so thankful that she was available early morning to help! "
" Great reader! "
" Wonderful. fun and helpful. "
" Kim is a great reader. She has a lot of patience and will give you a great read no matter how many times you want to do the scene. I'm glad I found her. "
" Kim is wonderful!! She's was very patient with me, and helped my worked through the scene. I wasn't feeling my best at the start of the audition, but I left feeling 10x better. Thank You!!! "
" Such a sweet heart! "
" Kim is fabulous! So helpful and great with making adjustments. Book her today! :) "
" Great Reader! Fun and Patient "
" Just Awesome "
" Kim was amazing! Easy, to read with and fun to chat with! Read with her! "
" Great working with Kim! "
" Generous reader "
" Great reader! very kind and massively helpful in a time crunch! "
" Gracious & kind. "
" Great reader to work with, picked up the scene quickly and naturally--and lots of fun. Thanks Kim!! "
" Thank you Kim! So easy and effortless to work with. "
" Great reading with you, thanks! "
" Great help. Thank you "
" Another 5 STAR read! "
" Thank you so much Kim!! "
" Very helpful! "
" Three CHEERS for Kim! Fantastic reader, treats it as if it were her own audition. Thank you! "
" Great job! Very patient, good suggestions. "
" Super fun and helpful, really enjoyed working with Kim. "
" My First time! Kim was so lovely at easing me in to WeAudition. Very grateful for her. "
" Kim is a fabulous reader! "
" Kim was so lovely, and calm and patient. I really enjoyed working with her. Thank you Kim "
" Kim is awesome. Great presence and energy. "
" Great! "
" Awesome Reader, Great Energy and honesty!!! Use her you won’t be disappointed!!! "
" Very friendly, good reader. will read with her again. thanks Kim "
" Kim is a very kind, open, positive presence so you can feel loose and wdo good work. I will use Kim any time she's available! "
" I love Kim! So open, supportive and helpful "
" Kim was amazing and so supportive! I’m truly grateful for the help I received. "
" Such a delight "
" Super sweet and helpful "
" Kim is super!! "
" Wonderful insights, great reader! Thank you Kim! "
" Thank you for your help "
" Great reader- super friendly - highly reccommend! "
" Great reader! "
" Kim is great to work with, she brings out the real "
" Love Kim! Such a light to read with and so encouraging-- def will read with her again! "
" Kim is great! "
" Great reader! Thank you kim "
" I had a fun time reading with Kim!!! Totally recommend her!! "
" Wonderful. Patient and Helpful! "
" Kim was very engaged and active in her listening and in the dialogue. Would definitely work with her again! "
" She helped me knock out 3 separate auditions that were due the next morning. Such a contribution, made it all ease and fun. :-) "
" :-D "
" Really great. such a great demeanor and developed a rhythm with me quickly. "
" Excellent. "
" Such a joy and warm spirit. Was so great to read with! "
" Lovely energy. Thank you!! "
" Such an awesome reader! Thank you so much "
" So patient and sweet! Loved working with her :) "
" So sweet!! "
" Excellent, helpful reader! "
" Kim is fantastic: she is patient and intuitive and lovely to work with. She helped me with some really challenging scenes. Highly recommend, hope to cross paths with her again! "
" Good improv for audition! Nice to work with :) "
" Great reader! "
" Kim was great! So much fun to read with, and fantastic with feedback. Truly a joy to work with. Thank you, Kim! "
" Fine reader. "
" Great energy! "
" Real good "
" Super awesome!!!! "
" Great! "
" So helpful! Just needed to run lines but Kim had a great energy and gave me exactly what I needed "
" Love Kim! "
" Kim is extremely professional, fun to work with, and a fabulous listener. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat! She is a wonderful actor and reader! "
" Thank you. "
" Kim is great! book her if you can "
" Kim was great! attentive and kind. "
" AMAZING Reader and very kind person. "
" Wonderful! "
" Kim is a FANTASTIC reader with great ideas to play with! Thank you Kim!!! "
" Great, friendly reader! "
" Kim was great! Very grounded and gave great notes- definitely made my takes stronger "
" Kim was a great reader. Very supportive! "
" Amazing, thanks so much Kim for another great read of the day! "
" So lovely! Kim is mind, patient and positive. She has very helpful insights, if you're open to them! "
" Kim has a very kind energy and is a great reader. "
" Kim is great, awesome reader with great notes, recommend!! "
" Very sweet, lovely voice!! Thank you :) "
" Kim is excellent. She is so fun to read with, is comfortable with the script. I would recommend her and can't wait to read/self-tape with her again. "
" Kim was really helpful. Feel more confident after our session! "
" Kim was a delight to work with! "
" Wonderful energy! "
" Really really wonderful! Great energy! "
" Kin was so helpful and collaborative during my rehearsal. Thanks Kim!! "
" Thank you so much! Great reader! "
" Fabulous reader! Very fun! Kim was very flexible with improvising the script for practice and wonderful suggestions! Highly recommend! "
" So sweet and easy to work with!! "
" Kim was very calming and present and helped me rehearse/run lines - loved her fresh perspective on my scene! "
" Kim is a really lovely, patient reader! "
" Lovely reader! "
" Had a great experience preparing my audition with Kim! Got some great input from her. Book Kim! "
" SO helpful! Great feedback, excellent reader! "
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" Excellent reader, very patient! "
" Super helpful! "
" Kim was awesome! She helped me play with scene to get the best take. "
" Kim is excellent! "
" Super sweet and supportive! Good reader "
" So helpful, great reader! "
" She nailed it, thank you! "
" Kim was absolutely awesome! Super sweet and patient. I loved working with her! "
" Great reader, put up with, and walked me through some tech issues on my end...thank you!! "
" Super nice reader, great energy :) "
" Loved reading with her! "
" Kim is a fantastic reader, helped me get to where I needed so I could have a great performance. "

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Have Fun at Prom, Grandma
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