Professional actor with an array of accents and dialects and a wealth of experience. Emotionally intelligent, intuitive and glad to help where I can. I know the pain of self taping and how much easier it is if you have a reliable reader :)

Award winning professional actor with lots of experience in comedy and drama. Love theatre and am getting more and more involved in filmwork which I am really enjoying! It is definitely the way forward.

Eaglestone Management 22 Leafields, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN3 9UY Email: or Mobile: 07837 898 793

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Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
Isolation the Series
TV Series
2020 [added]
The Lover
Theatre Sarah
2020 [added]
How to Disappear
Online Lead
2020 [added]
Iain's party
Online Myself
2019 -202 [added]
Murder Mystery events
Immersive Various
2019 [added]
Wonderful World of Dissocia
Theatre Ensemble/Brittney
2019 [added]
Fringe winner Juliet
2019 [added]
Theatre Nell,ivy,Miss Cadee
2018 [added]
Direct Address
Theatre/Monolo Various
2018 [added]
Broken Silence
Theatre/Monolo Chris
2018 [added]
Lumen Dating App
Online Dater
2018 [added]
Bid for Freedom
Theatre Lady Colin Campbell
2017 [added]
The Two of Us
Theatre Yvonne
2017 [added]
Tropics Skincare Ad
onine training Myself
2017 [added]
Theatre Sam
2017 [added]
The Ruffian on the Stair
Theatre Joyce
2017 [added]
Waiting for Curry
Theatre Christine
2016 [added]
The Clean House
Theatre Lane (best actress BHAC awards)
2015 [added]
Sparkling Ashes
Theatre Clementine du Vaas
2015 [added]
Bad Supervision
Training video Teacher
2015 [added]
Abi Understood
Theatre Narrator