Kelley Costigan

-- I do not ask for a fee for reading, however a tip is obviously always welcome! 😊🙏--

Hey there, It's a crazy old world, isn't it? I'd like to help you make some sense of it - well, at least of the script you have before you. I'm here to help you bring out the best performance you can. I want you to succeed and will be constructively honest to help you be the absolute shining star you are inside. I'm part cheerleader, part nurturing auntie.

I've been in the business over 40 years and have been performing and analysing text for just as long. I'd like to give you the benefit of my experience and help you find the rhythm, meaning, and intention of your character. I'm also a director, so can coach you in characterisation, text analysis, and tempo.

I'm particularly well skilled in Shakespeare and drama, but can also find the funny in most things. I can also help you with your self-tapes by giving you some hints and tips which will help you relax and be ready for filming.

I've mostly performed on stage playing anything anything from Shakespeare to Edgar Allan Poe (yes, and with his famous wonky moustache!).

While I have not yet played any major film roles, I am getting my feet wet and my face out there. I've worked opposite Guy Henry in Genius. The I've done some stunt doubling for Carla Juri on Amulet and have played a lead in The Blade of the Assassin (in post production).

I'm also a pole dancer and baby fire dragon.

Currently seeking representation.

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Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
Blade of the Assassin
2018 [IMDB]
Dragon Kingdom
2017 [IMDB]
Knights of the Damned
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2014 [IMDB]
TV Series
2011 [IMDB]
18 Kisses of Significance
2009 [IMDB]
The 13th Day
2000 [IMDB]
Townswoman unc
2000 [IMDB]
Close & True
TV Mini-Series
2000 [IMDB]
TV Movie
1999 [IMDB]
Sleepy Hollow
Townswoman unc
1998 [IMDB]
Shakespeare in Love
Theatregoer un