Kele Mogotsi

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Kele Mogotsi is known for her work on The Last of Us: Part III (2014), Null Hypothesis (2019) and The Last of Us: Part II (2013).

I'm an actor and producer, based in New York and Botswana. I've trained at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York so I'm well-versed in the Stanislavski/ Method system. I'm a quick study with accents, very good at cold readings and I have years of improv experience under my belt.

If you need help getting to the heart of a scene, or you just want some help with getting the text off the page and into your instrument, I gotcha.

I'm here to help with as much or as little coaching as you prefer.

If you'd like to schedule a session in advance, please DM me on Instagram: @kelemogotsi :)

PS: After our awesome session, if you don't mind, please take a sec and leave a review when you're done, It helps me a lot :)

PPS: For some weird reason, it often doesn't ring on my end when you do an Instant Rehearsal Request so if I don't pick up, please shoot me a quick DM/ comment on Instagram!! Thanks :)

Kele Mogotsi is known for her work on The Last of Us: Part III (2014), Last Call (2016) and The Last of Us: Part II (2013).

47 Reader Reviews

" Such an amazing session with Kele--we analyzed my scene, found all of the beats and even had time to work on the accent required for the audition. Kele is the whole package-she is so multi talented and I feel so grateful for her insights, energy, and incredible talent. She helps me to SHINE in my auditions! "
" Kele is consistently AMAZING! Another awesome session and I feel so ready for my audition! Thank you, Kele! "
" Kele has become an essential part of my process and feels like my own personal audition and life coach celebrating my wins along my acting career journey. Today we conquered an epic period piece. She is so versatile with any genre and I always feel so prepared and like we got to the essence of what is happening in the scene. THANK YOU! "
" I always look forward to meeting with Kele because we have not only a great time together we get SO much work done in a short period of time. Kele can deep dive into a script like an Olympic diver :). Thank you, Kele! "
" Wow, I needed a quick rehearsal at the last minute and Kele was amazing. In 30 minutes we were able to cover so much and I felt WAY more confident than if I had just rehearsed alone. Thank you so much!!!! "
" Kele is always there for me whenever I need a reader, a coach, to breakdown a script, to help me with character analysis, you name it. She always celebrates all of the "wins"in my acting career with me-whether they are big or small. I feel so lucky to have found her on WeAudition and can't imagine not working with her now. She rocks! "
" Kele rocks!!! I am so grateful for her insights, her ability to ask questions that get me to the heart of the character, and her razor sharp instincts. Thank you for another amazing session! "
" So amazing to have Kele in my corner! Whether I am preparing for an audition or a scene for class she is always a key part of my process. Kele is so multi talented as a writer and actress so I always feel like we uncover all of the nuance and possibility in each scene. THANK YOU!!!! "
" Another amazing session with Kele! Highly recommend! She is so kind, professional, and I always leave our sessions with a firm grasp on what is going on in my scenes and monologues. Her insights are pure gold! "
" Kele is my go to for audition and class prep! As a writer/performer she has a keen sense of dialogue and also what is unspoken in the scene. She always helps me break down the scene if I need assistance and we have a blast rehearsing together. I am so grateful for her insights, support, and professionalism. "
" Kele is so awesome and i really appreciated her taking time to dig deeper with me with my sides. "
" Easy to work with. Gave me a few pointers. I def recommend Kele. She is pleasant to work with "
" Great reader with superb timing and energy. Thank you, Kele "
" Great reader, very patient! "
" Kele is nothing short of AMAZING! Really loved the way she helps bring things to life. "
" She's brilliant! Thank you for the great notes and tons of patience. "
" An amazing reader with great notes. "
" Thank you. Always good to vibe with good vibers. "
" Kele made the scene so much more creative and fun!! I had a blast working w/ her. "
" Great reader and adjustments! "
" Great reader "
" Very accommodating and natural reader! "
" Awesome reader!!! I recommend highly ! "
" Great reader!! Thank you. "
" Helped bring out the best in the scene! Loved her! "
" Awesome "
" Thank you so much Kele!!! Really appreciate your flexibility and kindness! "
" Great reader, reader the scene fast! "
" Working with Kele was great! She gave really helpful points to help make the scene stronger and was a great reader overall! Will definitely work with Kele again! "
" Took direction well. Was ready to try it as many times as I needed to. Thanks Kele! "
" She's the one you're looking for. Don't hesitate. "
" Kele is the greatest! She gets to the heart of the script so fast and always has smart insights on how to relate to what is going on in your scene. Love her! "
" A sweetheart! "
" Kele was patient, kind, and really great at helping me with my scene! :) "
" Thanks so much! "
" Love Kele! "
" Great reader! "
" Kele is a true gem! Her energy is so warm and open and she is able to create such a nurturing and creative environment in a short time! I always go to her to help me get to the essence of scenes and to find all of the truth in each moment. "
" Always an amazing experience! "
" Wonderful experience so pleasant and helpful thank you! "
" Kele is my go to scene partner! She is so insightful and we always get to the heart of the scene so quickly. It is a joyful process every time with Kele! "
" Kele's great! Gave a great note that played excellently on camera. "
" Kele is awesome! She helped me find all of the colors and layers of my scene. She is am amazing scene partner and was so warm and supportive. "
" Lovely reader - great direction "
" A lovely reader! Thanks for your help "
" Kele was very considerate and helpful "

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