Katy Hill

upto 15 mins : $ 6.00
upto 30 mins : $ 12.00
upto 60 mins : $ 20.00

Hello! I'm Katy and I'm an actress based in New York City. I've been training for seven years and acting professionally for six. I'd love to help you rehearse and/or get that audition on tape.

Most recently, I spent more than two years studying audition technique, mainly focused on self-tapes. I'm more than happy to offer notes, advice, and/or help you work through the story ONLY when asked, otherwise I'm just happy to read for you and will default to that.

I look forward to working with you!

*If for any reason you get disconnected from the session, I will hang in the room for 10 minutes to give you time to come back, so feel free to rejoin!*

Venmo is preferred, when possible. [ @katyhill ]

Feel free to e-mail or DM me to schedule a session!

E-mail: katyhillactor@gmail.com

Hello! I'm Katy and I'm an actress based in New York City. I've known that I wanted to be actress since I was little and it feels so good to be pursuing what truly brings me joy. I currently have on-camera, scene study, and self-tape/audition training.

In 2019, I booked the lead in a SAG short film and in early 2021 received a call back for the lead in an indie feature.

Oh and I have two dogs! Which, I know, says absolutely nothing about my abilities as an actor, but they think I'm pretty great.

Currently looking for representation.

110 Reader Reviews

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" Thumbs up "
" Excellent. Tyou "
" Awesome reader! "
" Katy was amazing!! "
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" Great Reader and great advice. "
" Great reader with great tips. "
" Katy was great!! FIVE STARS! "
" Love katy! "
" I had such a great read with Katy. Even though I had a one-line audition, we PLAYED and discovered a lot of ways to do it. Thank you! "
" A ROCKSTAR! I had a time crunch and it was a big scene for a great movie that had multiple eyelines and action and homegirl broke it down with me. She was a champ and met my energy and we DID THE WORK! All in 45 min. Katy's a pro. Will def book again. Cute doggies!!!! (I asked to see the doggies btw everyone, doggies were quiet and in another room.) Thank you so much Katy. :) "
" Loved reading with Katy! She was really nice & patient ! "
" So great! "
" Katy is a lifesaver, my go to female reader on WeAudition because she has the best instincts and energy. "
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" Thank you so much, Katy. A terrific job -- patient, considerate and an excellent & flexible reader all-around! I look forward to reading with you again soon! :) "
" Love reading with Katy!! She's so sweet and such a great reader. "
" Katy was such a sweetheart and so patient! I loved working with her!! "
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" Amazing! So kind and gracious with her time. "
" Couldn't be better! "
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" Fantastic as usual! "
" Katy gave great direction and a perfect read. Patient and clear, could not ask for anything more. "
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" Katy was so great to work with. She was fun and patient with great advice. Thanks Katy! "
" So sweet and loved reading with her so much!! Gave great notes and was super helpful. "
" Stellar. She is patient and precise, and happy to let you set the standard for how you want to work. "
" Katy was super helpful! Great reader. "
" Katy is incredible! So sweet and patient!! "

Credits Include

2021 [added]
Happy Together - Kate (Supporting)
Short Film
2019 [added]
Before Between After - Lulu (Lead)
Short Film