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Hey, I'm Katie Anne! I'm a SAG-AFTRA actress, casting director, and award-winning producer (currently producing a series for a new WarnerMedia digital platform.) Working consistently on both sides of the camera gives me the extra piece of insight that you may need when working on your auditions. I'm open to giving tips and advice as you work on your scene, if you would like. Through casting and being a reader for many of my actor friends, I have read with hundreds of actors and am able to give you a read that best showcases you and your talents. Likewise, I know what can make a self-tape pop, and get passed on.

I have worked as Series Regular and Recurring VO dub roles for Netflix and Disney+ Original series and dubbed the lead of a Netflix movie (cold reading skills! everything is a cold read!), as well as have booked additional credits with Lionsgate (opposite KJ Apa & Britt Robertson), Netflix, CryptTv, AdultSwim, and more! I'm a Young Entertainer Award - Best Young Actress nominee and have trained at the top schools and studios. I consistently get callbacks, pins/avails, and book FROM TAPE (MGM Studios, Jordan Peele, NBC, Netflix & more), using a virtual reader, just like you are about to!
Excited to be a part of your journey!

Feel free to e-mail me if you want a specific time for a reading, rehearsal, advice/consultation.
If there are video issues/the session disconnects, just email me and we will get back on to complete the session!
ig: @katieannemoy
clubhouse: @katieannemoy

-Lionsgate film acting opposite KJ Apa
-Series Regular VO dub & Recurring VO dub roles in Netflix Original Series, Disney+ series, Netflix films etc.
-Credits: Netflix, Lionsgate, CryptTV, AdultSwim, Disney+ & more
-multiple director/producer sessions, leading to an Avail for MGM Studios/Jordan Peele's CANDYMAN
-recent director & producers for a callback session for an upcoming Netflix movie, shortlisted for another feature, went to producers for the lead in a popular franchise series
-frequent callbacks, avails, etc.

97 Reader Reviews

" KatieAnne is really wonderful to read with! She plays moment to moment and is present from the get go, and she also has great ideas about a scene to talk through - I appreciate her so much! Thanks KatieAnne! "
" AMAZING!!! "
" Another great rehearsal! Thank you so much Katie "
" Great reader! 10/10 "
" Amazing!! "
" KatieAnne was super amazing! She clearly understands comedy and knows to hit the cues! She also had great notes! BOOK HER!!! "
" Super present, patient, and natural. Great reader to work with! "
" KatieAnne is simply the best! Such an incredibly focused and talented reader! "
" Katie was super fun to work with. Great reader! Thank you. "
" Amazing reader! "
" Exactly what I needed! Thank you, Katie Anne!! "
" Very easy to talk to. Had a great time reading with her! "
" Fantastic - thank you! "
" Awesome, thank you KatieAnne! "
" She is awesome and would not hesitate to tape with her again! :) "
" KatieAnne is an excellent reader! I felt very comfortable working with her. She has great energy and offered very helpful feedback. "
" Great reader again! "
" Great to read with! - relaxed and grounded. "
" So awesome! My first experience with we audition and she made it so easy and was amazing!! "
" The most radiant person! She was so helpful, and made me feel so comfortable during the entire process. Katie gave amazing tips, and I felt like we friends by the end of it. Creates a great environment. Would recommend to anyone. "
" Excellent cold reader, patient, and generous with her time! "
" KatieAnne was wonderful to read with. She was so uplifting and offered great feedback on the scenes. "
" Professional "
" Great reader, great tips, and it's very beneficial that she also does casting! "
" Neve used the app before and she was so amazing and helpful! "
" KatieAnne was wonderful to work with. Professional yet personable and provided great notes and insight to assist the scene. "
" Katie Anne was an absolute gem. A great reader, I didn't feel rushed, she knows her stuff. Love her. Thank you! "
" KatieAnne was such a helpful reader, very responsive and on point! Her tips were very helpful as well. I'd definitely work with her again! "
" KatieAnne is lovely; she's a total joy to work with! "
" KatieAnne is fantastic! Made a short little scene really come alive. Felt like she was living it. Very helpful. "
" Amazing cold reader and actor. On her game- would recommend! Thank you. "
" Katie is a great reader and she is great when you are trying to get off book! "
" Profesh! "
" KatieAnne was great! Super helpful! Thank you so much! "
" First time using this platform and KatieAnne was amazing! So so patient and great energy! "
" Another awesome session with Katie! makes things so simple and pure :) "
" Wow Katie is amazing. filled with amazing info and tips, she is also an awesome reader. "
" Incredible reader! Highly recommend! "
" She is so nice! A great reader and I felt like I was just talking to a friend. "
" Helped me find more conflict in my scene! She knows how to make scenes interesting "
" KatieAnne was very helpful! She gives a great read and energy "
" Great "
" Great reader! I needed a reader super last minute and KatieAnne came through! "
" Smart, sharp and a great reader. "
" Katie Anne is a great reader! "
" Oh my gosh, I adore KatieAnne! If you ever just need level-headed, down to earth advice about the industry, she's the person to go to! Nothing is out of bounds to talk about, and she's so happy to give advice and talk about her own experiences. She's a wonderful human to be connected with too, so don't hesitate to book her! "
" So wonderful!! Would highly recommend her to everyone. Thanks, KatieAnne! "
" Knowledgeable in comedy, great reader, and very nice! "
" Awesome! "
" Great reading partner. She adds perspective. "
" Awesome reader, so talented at jumping right in. Thanks so much KatieAnne!! "
" SO Lovely. A great reader and listener, very professional. "
" KatieAnne was super professional & gave really sound feedback. Thank you girl!!! "
" What a great Reader!!! "
" KatieAnne was a fantastic reader - so patient, helpful, and gave just the right amount of feedback and insight. Would definitely read with her again! "
" Katie Anne is an EXCELLENT reader with a great sense of rhythm and pace. she also gives very good acting note. I got some really good self tape takes. Katie Anne is a very pleasant and fun actor to work with. I highly recommend Katie Anne. "
" KatieAnne is so wonderful! Excellent reader, and super friendly and patient. Will definitely work with her again! "
" KatieAnne is great to work with, gave me good feedback to make my scenes pop!! "
" Awesome reader! "
" She gets the scene lightening fast! "
" So sweet and patient love her energy "
" Katie is a great cold reader "
" Quick and precise cold reader! "
" Greater Reader - Book Katie Anne :) "
" So sweet & gives super helpful notes! Lovely reader, fully fully recommend. "
" Excellent "
" Thank you KatieAnne! "
" Excellent reader and fun to work with!! "
" Such a great and helpful reader! "
" Phenomenal. So easy and nice to work with. "
" Very relaxed and let me run small sections at a time. "
" Great reader "
" This was a super fun session! Katie was wonderful!!! "
" GREAT reader!! Super adaptable and incredible sight reader. Like she had the sides for a week. :) "
" So helpful!! great reader "
" Great reader! "
" Very nice and a great reader. Very easy to work with! "
" Great coaching! "
" It was great working with KatieAnne. She's proactive and gave me some useful feedback. Thanks again KatieAnn! "
" Always great working with her "
" So sweet and patient! Would recommend :) "
" Super easy to work with! great energy! "
" Wonderful and collaborative spirit, I feel very happy with the work we did. "
" Amazing cold reader! Supportive! Great energy! "
" Brilliant comedy advice and really helped me work my lines. Thamks "
" Love her! She's a total sweetheart! "
" Great friendly reader! "
" Katie gives remarkable feedback and digs deep into the character breakdown!! I had an amazing time rehearsing my lines with Katie, highly recommend her for actors who want to book their auditions! "
" Katie was amazing! Really fun bouncing ideas off her and listening to her input. Great at providing valuable insight and incredibly positive. "
" Katie Anne was a great reader! She is quick and easy to work with. "
" Really good. I would work with her any day "
" Katie was so helpful! I hopped on to get some industry advice and Katie has a beautiful perspective from an actor's point of view and also from the flip side of working behind the scenes and producing. She's so generous and willing to help! "
" Wonderful reader and loved all her advice!! "
" Really great and receptive. Really leaves you feeling calm and confident. 5 stars "

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