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Hello, all!
I would love to help you with your rehearse or work on a self-tape. I tend to get cast in roles of mom, friend, therapist, teacher, wife, and artist but am here to help with whatever your tape needs!
I've trained at The Groundlings, The Actors Lab, and with Amy Lyndon, among others.
My goal as a reader is to provide a supportive, positive, and judgement-free zone for you to loosen up and bring your best self to your tape. I love being a reader because I love working with the broad range of talents from around the world on WeAudition and it keeps me sharp to hop in these different rooms with such varied roles.
I am happy to provide feedback if requested but am also happy to just "do the job" :-) I'm also up for improvising a bit to ease you into the scene if that works for you.

Hello, all!
I tend to get cast in roles of mom, friend, therapist, teacher, wife, and artist but I'm currently working as the lead in a horror film which is a new one for me (6am cemetery shoots- oh my)! I am drawn to roles where I get to explore very opposing elements within one character (whether that's an internal battle or where the inner life doesn't match the outer appearance). I always strive to be a generous, present, and patient scene partner and love connecting with others on WeAudition.

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" Lovely! "
" Professional, kind, responsive "
" Great Reader, Highly Recommended!!! "
" Thanks so much for going with it! You made this different kind of audition easy and grounded. Hope to work together again soon! "
" Kate is an amazing reader and awesome person. She's really supportive and willing to give great suggestions that are really fun to play. I had a blast. "
" Wonderful reader, patient and helpful "
" Great partner "
" Kaye was great! lol "
" Kate was such a gem, and so gracious and patient. "
" Truly awesome. Will definitely work with Kate again. "
" Super reader!! book her! "
" One of the best readers that I've had on WeAudition. Kate is awesome!! "
" Great Read! "
" Kate, your GREAT! Thanks for your improv suggestion and encouragement.:-) "
" Very natural, very collaborative. Great experience. "
" Super nice! Great to work with! "
" JUsr lovely and perfect, calm, warm, present, an excellent reader "
" Fantastic!! Book her. "
" Superb! Excellent reader and listener. Gave me a great improv feed to start off my scene and very patient. "
" Absolute joy to read with. GREAT COLD READER! She also gave me a very great suggestion (only when I asked) on a different way to take the scene. Thanks so much Kate :)) "
" Kate is an awesome reader! Present, kind, and very patient. "

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