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Hi there! I am a Jill of many trades and places, a Canadian New Yorker who lives in LA.

I am a professional ballet dancer turned actress - and always look to stretch myself as an artist. I've done stand up, improv with UCB, sketch, clown, voice over, laban, intimacy coordinator workshop, animal work, period piece work... you name it I jump in and play! I recently played a reoccurring role in a College Humor series and lead roles for independent film and TV. Currently working as a director, actress, writer and editor for several projects on the festival circuit.

I love cracking work open - happy to read for you, and if you wish, offer insight!

If I'm not on here, feel free to reach out!

any tips you are welcome to venmo @karen-musey

Hi there! I am a Jill of many trades, a Canadian who has lived in both NY and LA.

I am a professional ballet dancer turned actress - I've done stand up, improv with UCB, sketch, clown, voice over, animal work, period piece work... you name it I jump in and play! Currently I wear many hats as a director, actress, writer for several projects on the festival circuit.

Love cracking work open - happy to read for you, and if you like offer some insight!


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" Super super patient because I definitely had technical difficulties great reader, connected and kind "
" Lovely, helpful, and just the sweetest! Thanks for reading with me Karen! :) "
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" Great reader! Insightful. "
" Great Reader! "
" Fantastic, very astute and picks up new ideas for scenes immediately! "
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