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Kacie Stetson

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Kacie is the founder and director of the Kacie Stetson Studio in Auckland, New Zealand. She has worked extensively in both the Hollywood and Auckland markets and has over twenty years experience in film, television and theater with comprehensive credits in directing, writing and acting.

Kacie's students work consistently in film and television in both the international and NZ markets. Their credits include Grey's anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, The Hunger Games, Wetlands, Shortland Street, Step Dave, among many others.

Kacie's coaching enables her clients to deliver compelling and multi-nuanced work in the audition room that gets them noticed and booking. If you want to take your scene work to the highest level, then Kacie is the coach for you.

You can visit her website at www.kaciestetsonstudio.com


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Credits Include

2008 [IMDB]
Valley of Angels
2005 [IMDB]
2003 [IMDB]
Give or Take an Inch
3 credits verified by IMDB