Joshua Friedman

I'm a Californian. Grew up in LA. Lived in San Francisco for 40 years. And now Palm Springs. I'm mid 60s and being a gay man is a major part of who I am.

Other than some summer camp roles as a youth, acting is new to me and in the past year have studied with The Actors Lab (Palm Springs) South Coast Reparatory (Costa Mesa, CA), Coachella Valley Reparatory (Palm Springs) and Actor's Theatre Los Angeles.

My reels here are:
1/ From the 1980s play The Lisbon Traviata by Terrence McNally. I play the role of Mike in Act 2 where he tries to breakup with his lover Stephen. It may be dated, as is Boys in the Band, but many of the messages ring true today.

2/ From the TV show, Two and a Half Men, I play Russell the pharmacist who is trying to help out the Charlie Sheen character with a long shopping list from his girlfriend.

Let me help you with your scene. I can be pretty funny or pretty serious. And I'm new, so you won't get anything boring w/me. That said, a review would be very appreciated!

I'm a pandemic newbie to acting, but it seems it's been in my soul always. My mom, sister and nieces are dancers and I took my first acting class as a kid in LA when I was 10. Over the decades I've tinkered with the art. Until now:

2022 The Actors Lab, Palm Springs ( Terry RayJ.D. Lewis)
2021 South Coast Reparatory, Costa Mesa, CA
2021 Actor's Theatre Los Angeles (Bryan Chesters)
2020 Coachella Valley Reparatory, Palm Springs (Kevin McMahon)

" Very good energy! "

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