Joseph Brugh

brief story here...
Here I am pictured meeting up with an acquaintance at a car dealer commercial shoot... am an extra... and managed to stay so far out of the action that when I met the director a few days later he said: "Brugh - when I was editing I didn't even see you in the commercial footage" - They had me positioned towards the furthest side of the showroom and all the action was a close up of the speaker. (Back to One - Action) While meandering around the showroom I was the extra's extra... It gets better was on a two hour shoot for a flower delivery commercial and the in the final commercial my scene is almost less that 1.5 seconds of screen time. OK! I rehearse lines for casting directors with One on One and prior to joining the "extras" was reading and auditioning for VO commercial scripts about 10 or more a day ... every day. So I am auditioning now for speaking parts commercial and series scripts and dream of success. its getting late and am uncertain what to write at this moment but there is a brief story here... on the right

still working on this..