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I'm an actor based in NYC, and I have a range of experience in theatre, TV, and film both here and in the Pacific Northwest where I grew up. Currently, I play Albus Potter in Harry Potter in the Cursed Child on Broadway. Learn more at!

As a reader, my goal is to help you play and explore the side so that casting eyes on the other end can see you shine! I will always follow your lead first, and if there's anything specific you want from me, ask away and I will do my best to provide. I'm also happy to make suggestions and discuss the side if that's helpful for you. Every once in a while I might ask if you would like one, but only if I have a specific suggestion that I believe would help you achieve the direction I see you going -- please know that I will never be offended, though, if you don't want suggestions in the moment or choose to go a different direction! It's your side, and I'm here to help you in any way I can!

15 mins -- $5
30 mins -- $20
60 mins -- $40

Venmo (@joelpmeyers) is strongly preferable for both tips & fees (if fee, let me know that you want to pay via Venmo and I can dismiss the charge!) Thanks in advance!

Joel Meyers is a New York-based actor currently playing Albus Potter in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway. He can also be seen in the Adult Swim series Three Busy Debras (prod. Amy Poehler) and in the upcoming independent film Carry the Darkness. Recent Film: Call Me Crazy, The Bullet (Short), Swell (Short), Faust's Facade (Short). Other Theatre includes Bard Overboard (Off-Broadway). At Columbia: Stupid F*cking Bird, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Translations, Godspell, The Varsity Show. Most recently, Joel voiced Danny in Candle House Collective’s award-winning telephonic thriller Claws and is a co-creator/sometime performer of their latest immersive installment, Lennox Mutual.

Beyond the stage and screen, Joel is the co-founder of Hyperspace Tutors, a private tutoring company serving students in Middle, High School, and Undergrad in the areas of Mathematics, Sciences, Writing, Test Prep, and just about anything else orbiting the Sun. Joel hails from Seattle, WA where he grew up playing lots of soccer and loving the rain. | @joelpmeyers

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" Very calm and easy going. Thanks for you input and suggestions! "
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" So sweet and easy to work with! Just jumped right in and ran with it! "
" Great reader and jumped into the scene quickly! "
" So helpful and patient! Thank you Joel! "
" Very professional, patience and nice! "

Credits Include

2023 [added]
Carry the Darkness (Upcoming)
Feature Film
2022-Pres [added]
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Broadway Company Albus Potter
2022 [added]
Saints of Latter Day (Upcoming)
Short Film
2022 [added]
Faust's Facade
Short Film
2022 [added]
Claws: An Immersive Experience (Ongoing)
2022 [added]
Call Me Crazy (Upcoming)
Feature Film
2021 [added]
Bard Overboard
2020 [added]
Stupid F*cking Bird
Theatre Zoom
2020 [added]
Town Hall
2020 [added]
Three Busy Debras
TV Adult Swim
2019 [added]
2019 [added]
Romeo and Juliet
2019 [added]
A Midsummer Night's Dream
2018 [added]
Peer Gynt
2018 [added]
2018 [added]
The 124th Annual Varsity Show
2017 [added]