Jennifer Galardi

Hello you! Thanks for stopping by. If you're reading this - Let's Play! I love reading with a wide variety of actors to elicit different characteristics and personalities in themselves that they may not have otherwise. I'm also quite literate so if you just need to run some lines, I'm your gal. I've been trained in mostly Meisner technique both here in Los Angeles and in Austin, TX but also have a couple other tricks from other teachers under my belt. I'm a little bit country, a little bit city and a whole lot of no bullshit. If you want to collaborate on something fun, I'm down. Lots of hosting experience and a smidge of stand up comedy. Keeping it real. Big hugs. (I do have some other credits that don't show up on IMDB, just in case you're wondering.)

Hey hey hey. I've been 'classically trained' (whatever that means) in Meisner technique since 2002 both here in Los Angeles at Playhouse West as well as in Austin, TX. Acting was always my side hustle (hosting and health and fitness were my main hustle) until 2020 and just as things were looking up . . . BAM. Hello Covid. Trying to keep my skills strong and stay creative. Hate memorizing lines but love auditioning once I do, so I take the good with the bad. Let's have some fun.


Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
2005 [IMDB]
Chutzpah, This Is?
Video short