Holly Anne Frink

I am friendly and approachable and would love to help out my fellow creatives with whatever they need for success! I've worked on several major film and television productions in NYC and have spent many days at Steiner and Silvercup. Aside from acting, I like to spend my time writing scripts and screenplays, so I'd like to think I have a special ability to dissect writing. I take improv classes regularly so I'd be happy to assist in your spontaneity! I'm also a singer-songwriter and I play guitar and ukulele. I'd love to help you bring out your own musical abilities as well!

I'm very much a people person so I love making connections and getting to know my fellow creatives. In addition to acting, I'm a singer-songwriter and I taught myself how to play guitar 3 years ago. I'm a goofball at heart so I like to have fun with my work, and my years of improv training help me keep things fresh. I've starred in several indie films, like The Cheerleader directed by Brian Mihok and White Bloom directed by Jenna Cleveland. I've also worked on many major film and television productions in NYC, always observing and learning how this business I'm so in love with truly works. I'm very flexible, as I practice yoga daily, and I'm comfortable speaking in a few different accents and dialects (British, French, Texas, Russian, New Zealand/Australian)

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